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International Advertising and Marketing: India

This is a guide to collections at the Hartman Center documenting the J. Walter Thompson Company's history as a transnational advertising agency, including its international advertising and marketing activities outside of the United States.

Advertisements Collections

International Advertisements Collection, 1900-2004

The International Advertisements Collection consists primarily of print advertisements, along with some transparencies, photocopies of advertising, and other collateral material that document some of JWT's international advertising campaigns through the 20th century. Includes advertisements from Bangalore (1982-90), Mumbai (1920-90), Calcutta (1982-90), Madras (1982-89), and New Delhi offices (1982-90).

35mm Microfilm Proofs Collection, 1906--1960 and undated

Collection contains pre-1934 advertising proofs for a number of JWT's international offices including Mumbai. Clients include General Motors, Wotto Brady & Co. Ltd, Eastman Kodak, Edsu fabrics, Goodrich, Horlicks, Johnson & Johnson, Royal baking powder, Scott's Emulsion, Silk Flakes,Tata Oil Mills Co., Ltd., and Mobil Oil.

Personal Papers

Sidney Ralph Bernstein Company History Files, 1873-1964

The collection consists of materials Sidney Ralph Bernstein gathered for writing a commemorative history of the JWT Company at the time of its centennial anniversary. The history was not published. The collection documents the history of JWT through personal reminiscences, recollections, and evaluations of the company by its executives and other employees; advertising executives; women in the advertising industry; and J. Walter Thompson, founder of the company. The International Office series contains personal narratives and research about India.

Greg Bathon Papers, 1966-1970

The collection includes biographical sketches, correspondence, financial reports and printed materials that primarily document Bathon's tenure as the head of the J. Walter Thompson Company's Bombay office. Bathon held overall responsibility for Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) offices. Includes correspondence, financial reports, printed materials, and biographical sketches (1966-70).

Harry Clark Papers, 1945-1992

Harry Clark was an advertising executive who served as Director of JWT's Frankfurt Office and eventually of JWT's New York Office; Managing Director of Landsdowne Advertising, a JWT subsidiary; and co-founder of Smith Clark Associates, a consulting firm based in Princeton, N.J. Includes correspondence, financial reviews, marketing plans, meeting reports, travel documentation, presentation files, as well as general administrative memoranda for JWT's Bombay office (1972-74).

Glen Dell Papers, 1969-1989

Glen Dell served from 1984-1986 as an executive in finance and administration with JWT Group. Collection includes financial reports, correspondence, acquisition and investment information, as well as materials on JWT's subsidiaries and international operations. International Operations series includes material on JWT India (1985).

Madras (1963), and New Delhi (1960 and 63).

Peter Gilow Papers, 1960-1978

Peter Gilow was an advertising executive of JWT. The papers document the development of the Frankfurt Office. They consist primarily of correspondence between Peter Gilow and the heads of JWT's international offices, including Bombay (1963-74), Madras (1963-73), and New Dehli (1968).

Denis Lanigan Papers, 1958-1964

Denis Lanigan was an advertising executive at JWT and joint manager of JWT's Frankfurt Office. The Other Offices series contains letters, telexes and telegrams, memoranda, notes, clippings, client lists, printed materials, policy statements, reports, drafts of speeches, and meeting minutes with over thirty-five JWT offices worldwide, including Bombay (1960 and 63), Calcutta (1959-60),

Sidney A. Olson Papers, 1957

The papers of Sidney A. Olson consist of reports and artwork created during a trip to identify production locations in Asia and the Middle East for the Ford Motor Company television campaign, " Proved and Approved Around the World." Includes reports and descriptions of Agra, Calcutta, and Benares (1957).

Jack Peters Papers, 1965-1989

Jack Peters worked at JWT 31 years and served as Chief Operating Officer and President of JWT-USA and then JWT-Worldwide. International Offices series contains correspondence, meeting reports, travel documentation, presentation files, audit information, information on features of various markets in specific regions, as well as general administrative memoranda for JWT's international offices, including India (1982-86).

Vergil D. Reed and Lubertus Smilde Papers, 1944-1960

Vergil Reed was director of the U.S Bureau of the Census, Director of Research and an economist with JWT, as well as a professor of marketing and foreign trade at Michigan State, Columbia and Boston Universities. Lubertus Smilde was Reed's colleague and successor in the Market Research Department at JWT. The materials illustrate Reed's activities as a researcher of international markets, including correspondence with the JWT Bombay (Mumbai) office (1958).

Paul-G. Siebel Papers, 1968-1975

Paul-G. Siebel was Geschäftsführer (General Manager) of JWT's Frankfurt Office. Offices series contains typed and handwritten letters, memoranda, telexes and telegrams, notes, speeches, reports, news releases, articles, and questionnaires pertaining to JWT's international offices worldwide, including Madras (1973).

Edward G. Wilson Papers, 1906-1991

Edward G. Wilson was an executive with JWT from 1930 until his retirement in 1971, and held the positions of General Counsel, Executive Vice-President and Secretary of the Company. The International Offices, Trip Files, Financial Files, and Personnel Files series all include materials from or about India (1938-64).

Other Records and Papers

International Offices Records, 1929–1998

The International Offices Records primarily contain financial records, correspondence, presentations, campaign drafts, account lists, meeting minutes and printed materials. Includes undated audio visual materials and office files from India (1946-95).

Newsletter Collection, 1910-2005 

The Newsletter Collection comprises the agency's internally produced newsletters. The International Newsletters Series of this collection includes publications from India (1956-2003).

From the Collections

Advertisement for Air India from the Bombay JWT office, early 1980s. JWT International Advertisments Collection, Box AP4.