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Korean Studies

McCune-Reishauer Romanization

Korean resources at Duke’s library are cataloged in Korean scripts as well as in Romanization with McCune-Reischauer system based on pronunciation, which is different from the official Romanization system in Korea. You will need to use correct Romanization to retrieve Korean materials as follows:

Search Tips

  • Romanize the Korean title/author/keyword using the M-R Romanization system.
  • Space after each word, a particle, lexical unit, etc.
  • Omit diacritics such as breve (˘), alif (’) and ayn (‛)

Searching Example

  • 한국 연극사 연구: Hanguk yonguksa yongu
  • 우리 문화의 뿌리를 찾아서: Uri munhwa ui ppuri rul chajaso
  • 박완서 단편 소설 전집: Pak Wan-so tanpyon sosol chonjip
  • 우리 국악 100년: Uri kugak 100-yon , Uri kugak paengnyon