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Korean Studies


Selected bibliography of Korean studies = Hanguk yongu toso mongnok / 한국연구도서목록
​East Asian Reference Z3316 .S45 1995
--An annotated bibliography of selected books of modern scholarship in fifteen areas of Korean Studies: General Works, Language & Linguistics, Literature, History, Philosophy, Religion, Fine Art, Musicology, Dance & Theatre, Folklore Studies, Political Science, Law, Economy, Sociology, and Education.  Entries for books in Korean are arranged alphabetically by an English translation of the Korean title followed by the transliteration, and then by the original title in Korean script and/or Chinese characters. Books in English are included but most were published in Korea. Annotations are in English.

Kosŏ mongnok : che samjip (古書目錄 : 笫三輯) / 고서목록 제3집
East Asian Collection Z955.S454 S65 2002 

--Catalog of oriental classics.

Kyujanggak tosŏ Hangukpon chonghap mongnok (奎章閣圖書韓國本綜合目錄) / 규장각도서한국본종합목록
East Asian Collection Z3316 .K95 1994 

--Catalog of Korean books and manuscripts in the Kyujanggak collection at Seoul National University Library. As a complete listing of Korean books in the Kyujanggak, a royal library founded by King Chŏngjo in 1777, it provides the rich collection of historical sources of the latter half of the Joseon dynasty.

Hanguk kosŏ chonghap mongnok (韓國古書綜合目錄) / 한국고서종합목록
East Asian Collection Z3316 .H33 1968
--This is a comprehensive catalog of Korean books and manuscripts from the earliest times to the end of the Joseon dynasty. It includes holdings of domestic institutions and private collections as well as those in the foreign countries.

An annotated bibliography of Korean literature in translation, 1980-2002

Perkins/Bostock Library Z3319.L5 A56 2002 
--Introductory bibliography of Korean literature.

​Pukhan hyŏndaesa munhŏn yŏngu / 
East Asian Collection Z3321.A1 P854 2001 
--Bibliographical study of North Korean history.

​Pukhan yŏksahak nonjŏ mongnok / 
East Asian Collection Z3316 .P85 2001
--A bibliography of research on North Korea history conducted in North and South Korea.

Habadŭ Yŏn gyŏng Tosŏgwan Han guk kwijungbon haeje
 = The annotated catalogue of Korean rare books at the Harvard-Yenching Library / 하바드燕京圖書館韓國貴重本解題
East Asian Collection Z1029 .H323 2005x
--It details almost 4,000 titles held by the Harvard-Yenching Library's Korean Rare Books Collection. Volumes 1 through 4 organize the texts by subject and provide detailed annotations on each work.  Volume 5 indexes the texts by title and author.