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Korean Studies


Han'guk minjok munhwa taebaekkwa sajŏn (韓國民族文化大百科事典)
East Asian Reference DS904 .H2687 1991

27 volumes of 65,000 entries with 40,000 photographs and tables on all aspects of traditional and contemporary Korean culture. A detailed chronological table of Korean history and various other tables and maps in volume 26, and the index in volume 27.

Hanguk munhwa paekkwa sajon = An encyclopedia of Korean culture
Perkins/Bostock Reference DS904 .H2525 2004

In English, with preface, contents, index and some words also in Korean as the first integrated dictionary of language and culture of Korea. Detailed linguistic descriptions of entries as well as cultural notes and over a thousand color illustrations related to the entries are provided in this book. Chosen on the basis of their frequency of use and their usefulness, about 45,000 entries are described in plain English with examples that are not only useful but also easy to use. Great emphasis has been placed on detailed descriptions of grammatical elements peculiar to the Korean language, because they are fundamental to all sentence construction.

Hanguksa taesajon = The encyclopedia of Korean history
East Asian Reference DS904.8 .K365 1992

An encyclopedia of Korean history from prehistoric times to the present.

Encyclopedia of the Korean War: A Political, Social, and Military History
Perkins/Bostock Reference DS918 .E53 2000

3 volumes with the comprehensive contents of the Korean War including many topics and individuals not covered in other encyclopedias and extensive documents. Extensive document excerpts arranged chronologically in volume 3.

Conflict in Korea : an encyclopedia 
Perkins/Bostock Library Reference DS916 .H62 1999  / View Online 

Han’guk Kat‘ollik taesajŏn = Korean Catholic encyclopedia
한국 카톨릭 대사전
East Asian Collection BX841 .H33 1995

Hangukhak taebaekkwa sajŏn = Encyclopedia of Korean studies
East Asian Reference DS902 .H295 1972

Encyclopedia of Korean Folk Culture 한국민속대백과사전