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Korean Studies


Periodical    Call Number Language  Description
Business Korea Perkins/Bostock B979K English Monthly journal published since 1983
Full text available from 1991-2002 via ProQuest
Journal of economic research Perkins/Bostock  K99B English Semiannual
Provides theoretical and empirical aspects of economics, financial economics and related area.
*Full text available from 1996-present
Korean Economic & Financial Review Perkins/Bostock  K84E English *Full text available through KISS Database
Kyŏngje wa sahoe 
경제와 사회
East Asian Collection K99W Korean *Full text available from 1988-present through DBpia database
On Korea: Academic Paper Series HF1602.5.O5 English 

9-10 papers per year
Academic paper series published by the Korea Economic Institute (KEI).
*Full text available from 2006-present