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Korean Studies


Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
KOSSDA holds a vast range of Korean quantivie and qualitive data and literatures across diverse social science disciplines encompassing political, economic, social, and cultural areasPlease sign in to the KF website so that you can access and download data from KOSSDA free of charge.

Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS 국가통계포털) 
This database service provides all kinds of Korean Statistical Information and data that is searchable by subject, institutions, and name. It also includes online publications regarding Korean Statistical information.  
   * North Korea Statistics (북한통계)
   * Korean Statistical Information Sources (통계관련 온라인 간행물) Online publications for Korea Statistical Information Sources.

Statistics Korea (KOSTAT 통계청)
The Statistics Korea conducts a variety of census and surveys focusing on socioeconomic and demographic fields, compiles analytic statistics as well as administrative statistics, and provides the statistical data for policy makers, governmental planners, administrators, researchers at research institutes, universities, political parties, enterprises, individuals, etc.

Other Government Online Resources 
As the Korean government’s official English homepage, it serves as a gateway to information about Korea with four main menus: News, Korea, Directory, and Multimedia Center. (DATA Portal 공공 데이터 포털) 
DATA Portal provides a variety of public information.

Government News Service (정책브리핑) 
Provides government press releases and information about government publications.

e영상 역사관 (한국정책방송원)
Taehan News, films, and voice recordings from government documentaries. Coverage begins in the 1950s and extends into the 1990s.

민원24 (대한민국 정무민원 포털)
The official site of e-government in South Korea. Includes links to a range of government sites and policies. South Korea was recently ranked 5th in a United Nations survey on e-government readiness. English version also available.

The official government site for Korean legal information, maintained by Korean Ministry of Government Legislation.