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Korean Studies

Reference Resources in English

Korea: A Historical and Cultural Dictionary Ref DS902 .P737 1999

The factual information about events, people, and topics in the history and culture of Korea. It also provides readers with five pages on the McCune-Reischauer Romanization system. Included in this dictionary are entries on historical events from ancient Korea to today, an extensive list of persons, politics, literature, language, philosophy, religion, and art. 

Historical dictionary of the Republic of Korea Ref DS904.8 .N34 2004

It covers various aspects of South Korean life, including domestic, political, and social events; foreign affairs; and the men and women who have influenced the country’s history with the extensive bibliography.

Korea: a historical and cultural dictionary Ref DS902 .P737 1999 c.1

The Korean War: an encyclopedia Ref DS918 .K5645 1995 c.1

Encyclopedia of the Korean War: A Political, Social, and Military History  Ref DS918 .E53 2000
3 volumes with the comprehensive contents of the Korean War. Extensive document excerpts arranged chronologically in volume 3. Full text available in History Reference Online via Duke's online catalog. 

Conflict in Korea : an encyclopedia / Roots of modern conflict  Ref DS916 .H62 1999
Full text available in History Reference Online via Duke'e online catalog.

Korean War almanac Ref DS918 .E365 2006

The Korean War: a historical dictionary Ref DS918 .E363 2003 c.1

The Korean War: handbook of the literature and research Ref DS918.A1 K7 1996 c.1

The Korean War : an annotated bibliography  Perkins/Bostock Library Reference DS918 .E393 1998
This annotated bibliography covers the war from the early division of Korea in 1946-1948, the North Korean invasion, American and United Nations' involvement, and the Chinese entry, through the American withdrawals, the development of static lines, the armistice talks, POW exchanges, and post-armistice difficulties. The volume opens with a brief overview of the official war and a guide to archival sources and collected documents. It includes chapters on the causes and conflicts, histories, military operations, special topics, responses to the war, and concludes with an analysis and historiography.

The Korean War : an annotated bibliography  Perkins/Bostock Library Reference Z3319.K6 M38 2010
This bibliography provides concise descriptions of more than 2,600 of the most important books, articles, and documents written in English on the conflict in Korea.

The Inchon Landing, Korea, 1950 : an annotated bibliography  Perkins/Bostock Library DS918.2.I53 E393

This bibliography is the most complete listing and description of primary and secondary works about the Inchon Landing, one of the most significant amphibious landings in modern history, and the turning point of the Korean War.

North Korea Handbook Ref DS932 .N6658 2003
This book is the English-language version of the North Korea Handbook published by the Yonhap News Agency in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Norh Korea in quotation: a worldwide dictionary, 1948-2004 Ref PN6084.K65 N67 2005

Historical dictionary of North Korea Ref DS933.7 .K55 2003 c.1

A Handbook on North Korea Ref DS932 .H353 1998 c.1