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Korean Studies

Korean Films

•  e-영상역사관
   Korean Government media archives; Taehan News and documentaries (films, voice recording)

•  EBS DocuPrime (EBS 다큐프라임)
EBS (Educational Broadcasting System in Korea) provides documentary programs produced by EBS. It is also available at YouTube.

•  Korean Film Archive (한국영상자료원)
   The Korean Film Archive collects and preserves moving image materials as cultural heritage. In addition, the Archive has a specialized film library to provide easier digital access to film-related information.

•  Korean Classic Film Theater at Youtube
   Korean classic films with Engish subtitles at Youtube provided by Korean Film Archive

•  Korean Film Council (영화진흥위원회)
   Searchable Korean film database including information on film, people, and film company. Directory and Korean Film News are provided.

•  KMDB (한국영화데이테베이스)
   Searchable Korean Movie Database on films, people, images, articles, criticisms, scenarios, and publications

• Korean Classic Film VOD

   KMDB VOD provides well-known Korean films from 1930 to 1990 including some quite classic films, documentaries and national videos as well as independent films. As of September 2018, 346 films are provided with free VOD service. Needs login to KMDB account. 

   Fansite launched in 1999 that includes reviews, discussion board, and blogs

•  Books about Korean Cinema

•  Bibliography of Korean Cinema

Performing Arts

Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art (국립현대미술관)
Provides information on Korean art and culture. Its virtual gallery allows you to tour the entire collection.

National Museum of Korea (국립중앙박물관)
The permanent exhibitions include Korean artifacts from pre-history to about 1900 and some are from China, Japan and Southeast Asia. It provides virtual tours of their galleries. The 100 highlights link provides the image and explanation for 100 items from all the galleries.