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Korean Studies

Image & Multimedia Databases

Provides government audio visual archives such as Taehan news, films, and voice recordings. Coverage begins in the 1950s through 1990s.

KoreaA2Z 한국학DB 콘텐츠
Provides a collection of full text databases on a variety of subjects including primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, newspapers and other books. It also includes Digital Culture Art Course (디지털문화강좌), VOD lectures including over 900 courses under 7 subjects for continuing education.

History Culture Series 진인진역사문화 시리즈
Online multimedia content database for topics on Korean history and civilization. Includes some English content for the prehistory in Korea


KRpia 한국의지식콘텐츠
Includes historical materials and records in the fields of history, literature, folk culture, nature, Chinese medicine, religion, etc.  This database is keyword searchable, and includes image files of original texts in classical Chinese with a searchable translated version in Korean.

Colonial Korean Postcard Collection at Duke

Colonial Korean Postcard Collection, 1900-1945 
Colonial Korean Postcard Photo Collection includes about 9000 digitized postcards of Korea from 1900 to 1945, portraying ancient historical sites, natural landmarks, people in traditional or modern settings, rural Korean villages and modern urban spaces, and Korean customs. During the colonial period (1910-1945), postcards of Korea were printed by various Japanese organizations. The postcard's date, image, postal information and brief text provide us not only with a document of a particular historical moment and context, but also a view of the geopolitical circumstances surrounding Korea's emergence as a colonized destination for Japanese tourists. Some postcards were also carefully hand-colored by a professional artist.

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