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Korean Studies


Koreana Webzine

Koreana, a quarterly magazine on Korean art & culture published by the Korea Foundation since 1987, is dedicated to increasing awareness about Korea’s cultural heritage overseas as well as providing information about current artistic and cultural activities. It also introduces Korea's traditional arts, lifestyles, natural attractions and other topics related to Korea. Koreana Webzine provides access to all articles that have been printed in Koreana since 1987. Articles from the English edition are offered in text and PDF format, while articles from editions in other languages are in PDF format only.

Encyclopedia of Korean Folk Culture (한국민속대백과사전)
Provides traditional Korean culture as well as contemporary life, through a variety of images and videos coupled with high-quality contents; consists of eight subjects : Seasonal customs, Folk beliefs, Folk literature, Rites of passage, Folk arts, the Necessities of living (Food, clothing and housing), Livelihood skills and Folk society.