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Korean Studies

Primary Sources at David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

  • Arthur I. Bloomfield papers, 1927-1995
    As economist and professor of economics, Arthur Bloomfield focused his research on international banking, evaluating foreign aid programs, etc. The Research Files Series contains research notes associated with various overseas assignments and trips. Over the period 1949-1984, Bloomfield made numerous trips to developing countries as a consultant, in some cases helping to establish the Central Bank (e.g. South Korea), or in other cases evaluating foreign aid programs to those areas (e.g. Indochina). Includes memoranda Prepared for U.N. Civil Assistance Command, Korea and U.N. Reconstruction Agency, 1951 Dec.-1952 Mar. (Pusan, Korea), and notes on two Trips to S. Korea, 1949-1950, 1951-1952.
  • Carl Mydans photographs, 1935-1968
    Photojournalist (1907-2004) for the Farm Security Administration and Life magazine. The majority of the collection dates from his time working for Life magazine as a war photographer. Includes the Sino-Japanese war beginning in 1941, his time in the Philippines and the battle for Manila, his coverage of the Allies in France and Italy during the liberation of Europe, and his travels with General Douglas MacArthur during MacArthur's return to the Philippines and the subsequent surrender of the Japanesa 1948, the Fukui earthquake in Japan, Japanese war crime trubunals, and the Korean War in 1950 and 1951.
  • Children's crusade against Communism
    This collection consists of 48 cards printed by the Philadelphia-based Bowman Gum Company in 1951. Illustrates the anti-Communist viewpoint of Americans in the 1950's. Includes the world-wide struggle against Communism, focusing primarily on the Korean War. They were released by the company at the height of the Cold War to instruct children on the difference between an American way of life and what was believed to be the Communist way of life. The cartoons depictions are bright and graphic often of conflict, military figures, consequences of atomic warfare and slave labor. Language, heavy in propaganda, is simple and straightforward so that children can comprehend the horrors of a Communist government invading easily. 
  • Episodios de Corea.
    Collection of 10 issues of the Spanish comic Episodios de Corea. First published in 1951 and then repeated in 1955. 
  • Freedom's war. Battleground--Korea.
    Illustrated trading cards depicting various scenes (land, air, and naval) in the Korean War. Each card verso has a short story told from an American soldier's perspective. 
  • Korean diary : a journey to Japan and Korea in 1950
    Frank Clune, travel writer and historian, spent a brief period in Korea in 1950 as an accredited United Nations correspondent. He returned to Australia with the cremated remains of Ian Morrison to hand them to his family. Ian, son of famous journalist George Morrison, was working as a correspondent in Korea when he was killed.
  • Korean War Series: Turkish Posters, 1950-1953
    Sixteen posters extoll the achievements of the Turkish Armed Forces command or Turkish Brigade in the Korean War between November 1950 and July 1953 (from "Turkish political posters collection, 1943-1978 and undated")
  • La Guerra en Corea
    Trading cards depicting scenes of the United States involvement in the Korean War, including battles, military personnel, machinery, and prisoners of war.
  • ... Letters from Korea; the Korean war exposed by a Labour Party member killed in action, February, 1951.
    Lance Corporal Bill Tyler's letters from Korea during the Korean War

  • Lionel Barrow Papers, 1940-2008 
    Dean of Howard University School of Communications, 1975-1985; Collection includes his student work from Barrow's youth and his studies at Morehouse College, as well as materials from his service in the 24th Infantry Regiment during the Korean War.  The Korean War material, dated 1950-1951, includes press releases, written by Barrow, regarding various battles and army movements. Also included is correspondence to his mother, Wilhelmina Barrow, discussing his activities, as well as his struggles with payment and segregation in the U.S. Army.
  • Military jiggleys.
    Illustrated trading cards depicting scenes from the Korean War. Card verso has brief summary of illustration.
  • Morris C. McEldowney military service in Korea and Japan photograph album, 1954-1955.
    A hand-made photograph album by US Army Chaplain Morris C. McEldowney, dated 1954-1955. The album contains 190 photographs, and most of the black-and-white gelatin silver photographs are candid snapshots of the local people, shrines, public buildings, and marketplaces in and around Seoul. McEldowney also carefully recorded notes in ink on what he was seeing, providing both historical and personal commentary in the margins of most of the pictures. 12 pages document the Korean War, 1950-1954, showing 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division camps, soldiers, other officers, tanks and jeeps, winter camps, battlefields, corpses, local inhabitants, and a "Retreat" review and parade in 1954. Locations named in captions include Chinampo (Nampo), Taejon (Daejeon), and Sinanju.
  • Oral history interview with Francis H. McCullough, 2005.
    Contains audiotapes and transcript of an oral history interview recorded on cassette tapes. Major subjects in this interview include McCullough's training in the V-12 military program, his naval training, and his service in Korea.
  • Out of their own mouths; revelations and confessions written by American soldiers of torture, rape, arson, looting, and cold--blooded murder of defenceless civilians and prisoners of war in Korea.
  • Pedro Tobal Serda letter to Santiago Imbernon, 1950 July 16 : signed typescript.
    Pedro Tobal Serda letter to Santiago Imbernon in Lleida, Spain, written on 1950 July 6. Includes envelope featuring a color illustration of a Spanish soldier seated in a battlefield holding a letter while a Korean bomb explodes overhead.
  • Report of the Joint Interrogation Group of Korean and Chinese Specialists and Newspaper Correspondents on the interrogation of war prisoners Enoch and Quinn; with supplementary material.
  • Report on war crimes in Korea
  • Richard E. Senker military career photograph album, 1931-circa 1969
    This photograph album documents the military career of Richard E. Senker, officer in the U.S. Army. Its 83 pages feature approximately 140 black-and-white mounted photographs ranging in size from 2x3 inches to 8x10 inches, as well as some clippings, postcards, and memorabilia of military service. Many of the photographs are well-captioned. 
  • Robert L. Eichelberger Papers, 1728-1998 (bulk 1942-1949) 
    The Eichelberger Papers span the period 1728 to 1998, with the bulk of the collection dating between 1942 and 1949. The papers contain diaries, correspondence, military papers, writings and speeches, pictures, scrapbooks, printed material, clippings, memorabilia, and audiovisual material chiefly relating to Eichelberger's military career including the monthly military summaries in Korea during the post-war period when he commanded all ground occupation troops in Japan (1945-1948). 
  • Selig Harrison Papers Series, 1960-2011 and undated (from the Center for International Policy Records, 1960-2016 and undated)
    Accession (2012-0074) contains papers of Selig Harrison, a senior associate and program director of the Asia Project for the Center for International Policy. He is also a senior scholar of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and director of the Century Foundation's Program on the United States and the Future of Korea. He has specialized in South Asia and East Asia for fifty years as a journalist and scholar, including as a South Asia correspondent of the Associated Press. Selig Harrison became one of the first Americans to visit North Korea since the Korean War and to interview Kim Il Sung in 1972. Harrison's papers are divided into three subseries: Geographic (the largest section), Nuclear and Energy, and Professional. Additional materials from Selig Harrison can be found in the Audiovisual Materials Series.
  • Shall brothers be-- : an account, written by American and British prisoners of war, of their treatment at the hands of the Chinese People's Volunteers and Korean People's Army in P.O.W. camps in Korea.
  • S-3 Journal Brooklyn "Red," 1950 September 7-1951 January 25 : autograph manuscript.
    Collection comprises an Army operations journal for almost 5 months of the Korean War, containing entries 1 through 694 dating from 1950 September 7-1951 January 25. The name of the soldier who recorded the information is unknown. While the majority of the troop's time was spent in South Korea, there are also records of missions carried out in North Korea.
  • Edward James Parrish papers, 1888-1926 and undated
    The papers of Edward James Parrish primarily consist of business and personal papers and correspondence (chiefly 1900-1921) of Parrish and of his wife, Rosa Bryan Parrish. Items include a notebook on tobacco trade in China and Japan (1894-1900), letter books (1900-1904), and a scrapbook created by their only daughter Lily Parrish.included are photographs and postcards of the Parrish's travels in Japan, Korea, and China.
  • Isaac Leroy Shaver Papers, 1893-1982 
    Isaac Leroy Shaver (1893-1984) was a Methodist clergyman and missionary to Japan from the 1920s to the 1960s. He spent almost a year in Korea in the late 1930s. The collection includes sermons, correspondence, photographs, printed material and published works related to Shaver's missionary work in Japan and Idaho. The material ranges in date from 1893-1982
  • William Hillman Shockley Photographs, 1897-1922
    Collection contains over 2200 black-and-white photographs taken by W.H. (William Hillman) Shockley during his world travels as a mining engineer between the years 1896 to 1909. Locations include China (including Manchuria); Korea; India; Japan; Australia; and Russia (including Siberia); London; Washington, D.C.; and San Francisco; as well as several other south Asian locations.