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Selected JWT Collections: R-Z

Selected J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) Collections in the Hartman Center


Reed, Vergil and Smilde, Lubertus Papers, 1944-1960
Reed was director of US Bureau of the Census (1940s), as well as Director of Research and economist at JWT. Smilde was Reed's colleague and successor in the Market Research Department at JWT. Papers include anaylsis of population trends and views of the private enterprise system, among other research topics.
Schwarz (Burkhard) Papers, 1973–1989
Correspondence, personnel files, financial summaries, client files, and files of prospective business contacts. Clients include Nestle, Kodak, Burger King, Ford, Sunlicht, Elida, Kellogg, and DeBeers.
Seymour (Dan) Papers, 1951–1974
Collection documents advertising history, including the development of television shows and other aspects of television programming, such as the selection of actors and audience profiles for clients. Clients include Kodak, Ford, Kraft, Lever Brothers, and Liggett & Myers Tobacco.
Siebel (Paul-G.) Papers, 1968–1975 (bulk 1969–1975)
Primarily in German, contains correspondence with domestic and international offices, mostly concerned with the advertising industry, media planning, account direction, production of advertisements, and business management of J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt.
Stridsberg (Albert) Papers, 1955–2001
Correspondence, memos, reports, speeches, and printed items from Stridsberg's career at JWT, mostly concerned with agency's international offices and clients, marketing of tobacco, and speeches by Rena Bartos.
Strouse (Norman H.) Papers, 1916–1987
Correspondence, office files and memos, reports, writings and speeches, charts, client presentations, clippings, photographs, and scrapbooks from Strouse's time at J. Walter Thompson Co. Detroit, especially relating to the Ford Motor Company.
Sutton (Thomas) Papers, 1965–1975 
Director of International Operations for J. Walter Thompson Co. in the 1960s; Executive Vice-President of J. Walter Thompson Co. Group, Inc.
Taylor (Winfield) Papers, 1948–1960
Copy writer and Creative Department executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. in the 1940s and 1950s.
Tripp (Granger) Papers, 1958–1984 
Contains presentations and speeches; correspondence, memos, publications, and clippings; audio-visual material. Also includes contents and strategy of creative advertisements for Eastman Kodak.
Viola (Anthony J.) Papers, 1968-2009 and undated
           Seinor Art Director, JWT in New York, Chicago and Lisbon.  Papers documents Viola's career, with bulk of collection containing artwork for print ads
            and television storyboards.
Wilson (Edward B. (Ted)) Papers, 1966–1977
Correspondence, office files, client files, reports, speeches, and advertisements from Wilson's time at J. Walter Thompson Co. New York Office.
Wilson (Edward G.) Papers, 1906–1991 
Executive and General Counsel for J. Walter Thompson Co. in the 1950s and 1960s.
Woodell (Shirley F.) Papers, 1943–1958
Documents the operations of J. Walter Thompson Co. in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America primarily through correspondence written by Woodell during business trips. Includes maps, memos, reports, notes, itineraries, and photographs.\
Young (James Webb) Papers, 1927–1984
Contains memos, minutes, correspondence, research reports, advertisements, and tables, especially focused on early development of international offices, public service advertising, and advertising strategy.