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Selected JWT Collections: Office Records

Selected J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) Collections in the Hartman Center

Office Records

Chicago Office
Marketing Vertical File, 1937–1997
Contains publications on magazine, television, and other media marketing that J. Walter Thompson Co. staff used for reference. Paper collection guide in the Reading Room.
Media Resources and Research Department Records, 1959–2000
This department was responsible for media research and media planning support activities within JWT's Chicago Office. The collection primarily primarily includes proprietary research reports on a wide variety of topics relevant to media planning, usage and evaluation.
Non-Proprietary Research Reports, 1980–1999
Research prepared or collected by the J. Walter Thompson Co. Chicago office for use as a reference and research tool, but not on behalf of specific clients; includes market and consumer research reports.
Personnel Records, 1978–1983
Personnel records for "exempt" and "nonexempt" employees. Records from 1980 are missing. Unprocessed. Access restricted.
Records, 1908–2000
Vertical files from J. Walter Thompson Co. Chicago and other J. Walter Thompson Co. offices, along with proof files and several hundred market research summations of various product categories.
Detroit Office
Goldfarb Consultants' Ford Research Reports, 1974–1988
Goldfarb Consultants' evaluation of advertising concepts for various Ford cars, vans, 4x4s, and pickup trucks. Includes focus groups, statistics, print advertisements, and study questionnaires.
Newman (Blaise) Papers, 1964–2002
Executive and account representative with J. Walter Thompson Co. Detroit Office. Paper collection guide in the Reading Room.
Records, 1947–1999
Miscellaneous files from the J. Walter Thompson Co. Detroit office, including Ford Motor Company and competitive collateral literature (mostly domestic), includes accessions from 1991–1999.
Frankfurt Office
Advertisements Collection, 1950–1991
Ads span the years 1950 through 1991 and include newspaper and magazine print advertisements, tear sheets and proofs. Clients include BASF, Burger King, De Beers, Dunlop, Ford, Kraft, Lever Brothers, Pan Am, and Singer. Most advertisements are in German, although some are in English.
Audio-Visual Materials, 1956–1993
Primarily television commercials for various clients and products represented by the Frankfurt office of the J. Walter Thompson Co. advertising agency. Also includes slides and videos used in corporate presentations.
Black (George) Papers, 1968–1989
Includes long-term account planning for individual clients, regional strategy planning for Scandinavia and for the GSA, comparison of international advertising styles and regulations, and J. Walter Thompson Co. worldwide organizational changes. Well-documented clients include: Braun, Campari, DeBeers, Elida Gibbs, Ford, Jacobs, Kellogg, Kraft, Lever-Sunlicht (Unilever), Nestle, Singer, Pepsi, Warner-Lambert, and Wick.
Brungs (Herbert) Papers, 1969–1988
Account manager and executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt Office in the 1970s and 1980s.
Clark (Harry) Papers, 1970–1973
Focus on his career at J. Walter Thompson Co. GmbH (Frankfurt) Office, major clients include De Beers, Pan American, and Unilever. Majority of collection is in English, the remainder is in German.
Gilow (Peter) Papers, 1960–1978
Papers document the development of the J. Walter Thompson Co. GmbH/Frankfurt Office, specifically covers the developments and transformation of German advertising since the end of World War II in television, radio, and print.
Henkel (Wilfried) Papers, 1957–1987 (bulk 1975–1984)
Papers of the managing director of J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt, an early proponent of corporate advertising and the T-plan (target plan) of JWT's corporate strategy, 70% of collection is in German.
Ihlfeld (Hans) Papers, 1969–1978
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. offices in Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna in the 1970s.
Lanigan (Denis) Papers, 1958–1964
Covers J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt Office, specifically the efforts to increase and improve the use of television and print advertising in Europe and to improve coordination of international J. Walter Thompson Co. Offices, majority of documents are in English.
Miscellaneous Files, 1960–1992
Contains small quantities of surviving files that document the activities of a number of high-ranking officers at J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt, along with material from subject files. Unprocessed.
Schwarz (Burkhard) Papers, 1973–1989
Correspondence, personnel files, financial summaries, client files, and files of prospective business contacts. Clients include Nestle, Kodak, Burger King, Ford, Sunlicht, Elida, Kellogg, and DeBeers.
Siebel (Paul-G.) Papers, 1968–1975 (bulk 1969–1975)
Primarily in German, contains correspondence with domestic and international offices, mostly concerned with the advertising industry, media planning, account direction, production of advertisements, and business management of J. Walter Thompson Co. Frankfurt.
International Offices Records, 1929–1998 and undated
Collection contains primarily financial records, correspondence, presentations, campaign drafts, account lists, meeting minutes and printed materials. The bulk of material dates from the 1970s-1980s.
London Office
Bullen (Terry) Papers, 1967–1992
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. London Office.
London Office Records, 1920s–2005 and undated
Collection consists primarily of account files, Knowledge Center subject files, books and publications, general office files, and the papers of some executives.
  Soper(Sam) Papers, 1941-1996 and undated
      Associate Director, JWT Lonon.  Papers consist of World War II-era correspondence and company newsletters, along with an          autobiography.
New York Office
Media Center Audio-Visual Collection, 1980s-2000s
Tapes of radio and television commercials produced by J. Walter Thompson Co.
Records, 1978–2000
Documents from J. Walter Thompson Co. New York Office. Primarily contains presentations made to the World Partner Council meetings (1996–1997) as well as Andy Fenning's files for management meetings and seminar.
Research Department Records, 1923–1986 and undated
Records containg market research reports and other studies conducted for JWT.
Resor Library Records, 1822–1967
The Resor Library Records contain books and book inventories, as well as correspondence, memoranda and invoices related to purchases of books for the JWT Resor Library between 1927–1930. The bulk of the books were published between 1890 and 1919.
San Francisco Office. Records, 1949–1999
Administrative files and reports documenting various aspects of the J. Walter Thompson Co. San Francisco office. Records from the Creative Library contain audio and video tapes of radio and television commercials, as well as creative output documenting advertising for clients handled by the office.