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Selected JWT Collections: N-R

Selected J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) Collections in the Hartman Center

Collections N-R

New Business Records, 1926–2006 and undated
Collection combines records of the New Businees Departments of JWT's major offices: New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and San Francisco. The bulk of material dates from 1980 - 1989.
Newman (Blaise) Papers, 1964–2002
               See entry under Detroit Office.
Newman (Eleanor) Papers, 1974–1985
Office Manager of the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Entertainment Group, and Account Representative for the Health & Tennis Corporation account.
Newsletters, 1910–2005
Primarily internal newsletters published for the J. Walter Thompson Co. staff; contains information about account losses and gains, campaign updates and other business, as well as a broad range of issues in the advertising industry at large. Also includes the News Bulletin, 1922–1930. This series contains articles by J. Walter Thompson Co. personnel and outside contributors, primarily on topics of general interest to the advertising industry. Includes articles about consumer motivation, market surveys, current client lists, and occasional J. Walter Thompson Co. staff news.
New York Office
Media Center Audio-Visual Collection, 1980s-2000s
Tapes of radio and television commercials produced by J. Walter Thompson Co.
Records, 1978–2000
Documents from J. Walter Thompson Co. New York Office. Primarily contains presentations made to the World Partner Council meetings (1996–1997) as well as Andy Fenning's files for management meetings and seminar.
Research Department Records, 1923–1986 and undated
Records containg market research reports and other studies conducted for JWT.
Resor Library Records, 1822–1967
The Resor Library Records contain books and book inventories, as well as correspondence, memoranda and invoices related to purchases of books for the JWT Resor Library between 1927–1930. The bulk of the books were published between 1890 and 1919.
Non-Proprietary Research Reports, 1980–1999
See full entry under Chicago Office.
O'Brien (Wally) Papers, 1978–1987
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. New York, Chicago and London offices; directed Multinational Client Services in the 1980s. Unprocessed.
O'Donnell (Joseph) Papers, 1947–1987
Executive with JWT and served as the company's Chief Executive Officer during 1986. The bulk of the material in the collection documents that one year.
Olson (Sidney A.) Papers, 1957
Reports and artwork created during Olson's trip to identify production locations in Asia and the Middle East for the Ford Motor Company Television Campaign "Proved and Approved Around the World."
Personnel Records, 1930–1996
Personnel records of individuals who left the company between 1930–1996. Photocopying of any personnel record is not allowed. Paper collection guide in the Reading Room. Unprocessed additions.
Personnel Records, Chicago Office
See entry under Chicago Office.
Peters (Jack) Papers, 1965–1989 and undated
Chief Operating Officer and President of JWT–USA (1984–1987) and JWT–Worldwide (1986–1987).
Platt (Lucile Turnbach) Papers, 1926–1930
Documents testimonial advertising campaigns and spokesperson selection for campaigns for Simmons beds, boxsprings and Beautyrest mattresses.
Preschel (W. Lee) Papers, 1966–1998
President of J. Walter Thompson Co. Latin American operations. 
Press Clippings, 1969–1998.
Primarily contains articles about J. Walter Thompson Co. business, clients, and staff published in newspapers, popular and trade magazines; most of the articles are in English and from U.S. publications. Unprocessed.
Publications Collection, 1887–2005
Includes booklets, brochures and newsletters, published by J. Walter Thompson Co. and its U.S. and international offices; later publications provide research findings, including demographic data, economic forecasts, and media information.
Records, Chicago Office
See full entry under Chicago Office.
Records, Detroit Office
See full entry under Detroit Office.
Records, London Office
See full entry under London Office
Records, New York Office
See full entry under New York Office.
Reed, Vergil and Smilde, Lubertus Papers, 1944-1960
Reed was director of US Bureau of the Census (1940s), as well as Director of Research and economist at JWT. Smilde was Reed's colleague and successor in the Market Research Department at JWT. Papers include anaylsis of population trends and views of the private enterprise system, among other research topics.
Research Department Records, New York Office
See full entry under New York Office.
Review Board Records, 1947 and 1953–1976
Records from the J. Walter Thompson Co. New York Office's primary mechanism for controlling the quality of its services; includes guidance for accounts teams assigned to particular clients.