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Selected JWT Collections: G-M

Selected J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) Collections in the Hartman Center

Collections G-M

Gaeta (Lois A.) Papers, 1956–1961
Radio and television commercial script writer with J. Walter Thompson Co.
George (Ed) Papers, 1980s
Items comprising primarily finished advertisements for a variety of clients, ad mockups, package designs, original art, billboard sheets, and other memorabilia.
Gilow (Peter) Papers, 1960–1978
See full entry under Frankfurt Office.
Glah (Roy) Papers, 1976–2002
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Amsterdam offices.
Goldfarb Consultants' Ford Research Reports, 1974–1988
See full entry under Detroit Office.
Grisman (Arnold) Papers, 1969–1994
Creative Director of JWT's New York Office and an Executive Vice President.
Gutierrez (Victor) Papers, 1970–1987
Served as Executive Vice President of the Finance division, and as Chief Financial Officer, at JWT.
Hamilton (John J.) Papers, 1978–1982
Copy writer and account representative with J. Walter Thompson Co. Unprocessed.
Hatcher (Edgar) Papers, 1952–1992
Executive with Benton & Bowles; Ogilvy Benson and Mather; Kenyon & Eckhardt; Batton, Barton, Durstine & Osborn; McCann Erickson; and J. Walter Thompson.
Henderson (Howard) Papers, 1867–1978
Bulk of materials from 1954–1960, particularly illustrates the changes in company advertising philosophy through the 1960s. Well-documented clients include: Jergens, Chesebrough-Ponds, Kodak, General Cigar, NATO, US Playing Card Company, Union Central Life Insurance, Arbuckle, and Standard Brands.
Henkel (Wilfried) Papers, 1957–1987 (bulk 1975–1984)
See full entry under Frankfurt Office.
Hilton (Jack) Papers, 1969-1979 and undated
President, Telecommunications Department, JWT, and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, JWT.Files primarily relate to Hilton's work in the Public Relations Department.
Hinks (Kennett Webb) Papers, 1955–1963
Materials are copies of Hinks's outgoing office correspondence and memoranda on print, film, radio, market research, product design, selling strategies, and summaries of business meetings. Major clients include Level Brothers, Wool Bureau, and the New Holland Machine Co.
Holland (Maury) Papers, 1948–1959
Includes scripts for outgoing memoranda regarding content and format of TV programs and advertisements, all produced by the New York Office's Radio and Television Department; clients include Kraft, Quaker Oats, Rinso Blue, and Advertising Council.
Iconographic Collection, 1848–2005
Collection consists of photographs of meetings and events of significance to JWT; photographs of officers and individuals who work or have worked for J. Walter Thompson Co. (including those taken for publicity purposes); and photographs of the exteriors and interiors of buildings housing J. Walter Thompson Co. Company offices around the world.
Ihlfeld (Hans) Papers, 1969–1978
See full entry under Frankfurt Office.
Information Center Records, 1890s–1987
Reports, memoranda, clippings, financial papers, and printed material relating to specific J. Walter Thompson Co. accounts.
Information Center Vertical Files, ca. 1920s–1990s
Collection contains vertical files created by the J. Walter Thompson Co. Information Center for staff use. The Internal Information Files Series holds information on the company itself, including files on advertising intelligence, recruitment, and organizational charts, as well as foreign office reports.
International Advertisements Collection, ca. 1920s–2000s
Advertisements produced internationally or for an international market, or for multinational clients by the J. Walter Thompson Company; most ads date from the 1980s. Additional Frankfurt, Germany office advertisements are available in a separate collection.
International Offices Records, 1929–1998 and undated
Collection contains primarily financial records, correspondence, presentations, campaign drafts, account lists, meeting minutes and printed materials. The bulk of material dates from the 1970s-1980s.
Jones (Alun), 1930–1984
Financial executive at JWT's Toronto and New York offices during the 1960s–1970s, holding the positions of Secretary–Treasurer and Executive Vice-President; elected to their Board of Directors in 1974. The bulk of the collection dates from the late 1970s, and contains files primarily relating to Jones's work as a financial executive and administrator.
Johnston (Don) Papers, 1964-1996
CEO of J. Walter Thompson in the 1970s. Chairman of JWT Group in the 1980s.
Kaatz (Ronald B.) Papers, 1915–1996
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co.; taught at Northwestern University.
Kennedy (James W.) Papers, 1979–1982
Executive and Director of Human Resources with J. Walter Thompson Co. Unprocessed.
Lanigan (Denis) Papers, 1958–1964
See full entry under Frankfurt Office
Legal Department Records, 1936-1979
The Legal Department Records contain releases for models and photographers associated with JWT campaigns between 1936–1979, and especially the 1950s. The collection also contains publications associated with JWT clients which required model releases. A wide range of companies are represented in this collection. Photographers mentioned or whose work appears in the collection include Richard Avedon, Ralph Bartholomew, Anton Bruehl, Horst, Otto Mayo, Valentino Sarra, and Francesco Scavullo.
London Office
Bullen (Terry) Papers, 1967–1992
Executive with J. Walter Thompson Co. London Office.
London Office Records, 1920s–2005 and undated
Collection consists primarily of account files, Knowledge Center subject files, books and publications, general office files, and the papers of some executives.
  Soper(Sam) Papers, 1941-1996 and undated
      Associate Director, JWT Lonon.  Papers consist of World War II-era correspondence and company newsletters, along with an          autobiography.
Maher (John R.) Papers, 1970–1987 and undated
Executive specializing in corporate development and account management.
Manning (Burt) Papers, ca. 1970s–1986
Administrative files including client and account files, newspaper clippings, correspondence, personal materials, and speeches. Unprocessed. Access restricted.
Marketing Vertical File, 1946–1999
Subject files on a wide range of marketing topics used by J. Walter Thompson Co. staff, including financial and legal information, employment trends, awards, and particular individuals in the industry, media, packaging, trademarks and research.
Marketing Vertical File, Chicago Office
See entry under Chicago Office
Media Center Audio-Visual Collection
See full entry under New York Office
Media Resources and Research Department Records, Chicago Office
See full entry under Chicago Office.
Meek (Samuel Williams) Papers, 1917–1980 (bulk 1945–1962)
Contains Meek's correspondence as the head of the International Department of the J. Walter Thompson Co. New York Office on international operations and policy decisions.
Memoranda, 1915–1999
Official in-house memos documenting a range of administrative policies and procedures.
Metter (Bertram) Papers, 1960s–1980s
Direct marketing specialist; Chairman of the Board of J. Walter Thompson Co. in the 1980s.
Microfilm 16mm As-Broadcast Scripts Collection, 1928-1958
Contains transcripts of radio and television dramas and variety shows, news programs, commercials, and sports programming
Microfilm 16mm Investigations, 1913-1950
    Consists of research reports, market studies, account histories, office overviews, campaign studies and other investigative documents.
Microfilm 35mm Proofs, 1906-1960 and undated
    Consists primarily of images of print advertisements and proofs taken from proof books and portfolios of domestic and foreign JWT offices.
Miscellaneous Files, Frankfurt Office
See entry under Frankfurt Office.