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Chinese Studies

The guide provides some starting points for your research of China at Duke

Highlights from the Chinese collections at Duke

Searching Chinese materials at Duke

Duke’s Chinese collection focuses on contemporary economics, politics and society, public policy and popular cultures and Buddhist and avant-garde art history. Search in Duke catalog to find Chinese language materials:

1.Which Romanization system to use?

Duke catalog adopts Pinyin as the way to display Romanized Chinese characters. Please consult the Wade-Giles to Zhuyin to Pinyin Conversion Table. if you are more familiar with Wade-Giles or Zhuyin.

2. How to search the catalog with Pinyin?

In general, enter the Pinyin for each Chinese character with a space, such as Ying Han Da Ci Dian for 英漢大詞典However, sometimes you need to join syllables, examples:

 Personal Names
  • 毛澤東
  • 無名氏
  • 惠能
  • 尼克森
  • Mao Zedong
  • Wumingshi
  • Huineng
  • Nikesen 
 Place Names
  • 揚子江
  • 廣州市
  • 安徽省
  • 廣西壯族自治區
  • Yangzi Jiang
  • Guangzhou Shi
  • Anhui Sheng
  • Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu

3. How to search the catalog with Chinese characters?  

Chinese searches entered in keyword searches retrieve records across Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  Terms can be combined using Boolean operators; you can also combine terms in different languages -- Chinese characters, Japanese kana, Korean Hangul and English.  Character adjacency is the default, so combining characters will produce results for the compound not the single characters.

Duke has a longstanding cooperative collection development agreement with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Search at TRLN to find titles at both Duke and UNC.


New databases

China and the Modern World
Diplomacy and Political Secrets, 1869-1950 (British India office files and Burma Office files) -- Hong Kong, Britain and China, 1841-1951 -- Missionary, sinology, and literary periodicals (1817-1949)

Superstar Journals 超星期刊Full text journal database from the mainland of China.

China economy, public policy, and security database (皮书)Pishu are reports which feature exclusive research and analysis by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and authors from similar institutions.

China Comprehensive Gazetteers 中國綜合方志庫: Approximately 7000 titles (100,000 volumes), from the National Library of China.

Chinese Text Project 中國哲學書電子化計劃Pre-modern Chinese texts with access to additional API functionality, including the ability to programmatically access the structure of a text and thus download entire texts in machine-readable format.

Manchuria Daily News Online: The English-language Manchuria Daily News (1908 – 1940), published in Dalian (Darien), presents Japan’s case for its presence in China.

Tokyo Trial (Chinese, English & Japanese): Full-text documents of the Tokyo Trials of Japanese war criminals in World War II. Content includes transcripts of the proceedings and court exhibits of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, transcripts of interrogation of the International Prosecution Section, along with historical photos, audio and video.