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Chinese Studies

The guide provides some starting points for your research of China at Duke

Census data on China

Population census: China conducts population census every 10 years. The first time was in 1953, the second time 1964; the third time 1982; the forth time 1990; the fifth time 2000; the sixth time 2010, the seventh time 2020. The database China Geo-explorer II provides county level data on the 2000 and 2010 census. Earlier census data at country level can be found at the database China Data Online. County level census data from 1982 and 1990 can be found in print in most provinces.

Social & economic census: the database China Data Online (CDO) has some of the data.

  • Basic unit census 基本单位普查: was conducted twice in 1995 and 2001, both included in CDO.
  • Industrial census 全国工业普查:was conducted three times in 1950, 1985 and 1995. CDO has 1985 & 1995.
  • General survey of tertiary industry  第三产业普查:was conducted once in 1993, included in CDO.
  • Economic census 全国经济普查: combines all three above census and is conducted every 5 years. The first time was in 2004; the second time 2008; the third time 2013 and the forth time 2018. CDO has 2004. 《第二次全国经济普查主要数据公报》2008 is included in China Statistical Yearbooks Database CSYD.
  • Agriculture census 全国农业普查: is conducted every 10 years in 1997, 2007 and 2017. CDO has 1997. Both 1997 and 2007 provincial census are also included in China Statistical Yearbooks Database CSYD.

Statistical databases

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