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Chinese Studies

The guide provides some starting points for your research of China at Duke

Independent Documentary Filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Web Archive

Chinese independent documentary filmmakers from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The filmmaker's websites, blogs and video feeds include information and videos that are otherwise unavailable. The archive aims to systematically capture and preserve these ephemeral websites for future access.

Chinese Films and Film Studies materials at Duke

Duke has a sizeable collection of Chinese film, documentaries and TV dramas (over 4000 titles), which are located in Lilly library and Library Service Center. For titles at Lilly library, you'll need to go to Lilly to pick them up; for titles at Library service center, you can request online and they will be sent to Lilly for you to pick up.

Looking for films in the catalog ?

  • Feature films: search for "feature films China"; "feature films Taiwan" or "feature films Hong Kong".
  • Documentaries: search for "documentary China"; "documentary Taiwan"; "documentary Hong Kong".
  • TV drama: search for "television plays Chinese"
  • Search director as author and limit the format to "video" in the advance search. Here's a list of HK directors' name spelt in different ways, 
  • Search film titles in Pinyin, consult Wade-Giles to Zhuyin to Pinyin Conversion Table if needed.

Film studies and criticism

  • "Motion pictures--China" or "Motion pictures--China--History"
  • "Motion pictures--China--Hong Kong" or "Motion pictures--China--Hong Kong--History"
  • "Motion pictures--Taiwan" or "Motion pictures--Taiwan--History"

Streaming videos

Film studies databases

Internet resources