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Chinese Studies

The guide provides some starting points for your research of China at Duke

Selected Resources at Duke & Online

Learning Chinese:

Language Dictionaries

Chinese Classics online

  • Si ku quan shu 四庫全書: This full-text product provides a comprehensive collection of Chinese literature from antiquity through the 18th century. It includes works by 2,777 authors and provides access to 3,727 title entries in the genres of classics, history, philosophers and belles-letters.
  • Chinese Text Project (Ctext): The Chinese Text Project is an online open-access digital library that makes pre-modern Chinese texts available to readers and researchers all around the world in both English and Chinese. Ctext includes a classical Chinese dictionary. Duke users can also access additional tools through the library's subscription.

Literature online

  • MCLC Resource Center This resource center contains, among other things, bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture and is maintained by Kirk A. Denton and Jeremy Sieg at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University, in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.

  • Scripta sinaca from the Academia Sinica in Taiwan provides full text access to 1,185 titles, focusing on primary texts important to traditional Sinology. The Academia Sinica also provides several other databases (though not all open access).

  • 国学 A magnificent website containing a huge amount of Chinese full text primary and secondary sources including whole books; short biographies of several hundred past and present scholars, Buddhists, book collectors, etc.; contents or full text of relevant journals; discussion boards, state of the art reports, etc. etc. Unfortunately no working search engine provided. The people behind are academics from various institutions.

  • 古典文学

  • 新语丝电子文库

  • 中国作家网

  • 中国文学网

  • 中国现代戏剧资料库 Chinese University of Hong Kong