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Finding Images

Quality, Scholarly Images for Research, Publication; Scanning Recommendations and Copyright

Quick image search

General Resources

Basic Image Collections - Everyone, regardless of topic, should consider searching these excellent image collections.

  • TIP:  Go to Advanced Search. In Advanced Search, change the "Full Text" tab to "Caption".
  • OR: click Jstor Images
    Note:  These are different searches within Jstor and bring up different results
  • TIP:  It's better to search the whole of Flickr and then limit to  "Any License" tab to "Creative Commons" rather than to begin with just free-images (as many institutions recommend).  Protected images on Flickr may still be able to be used, depending upon the owner.

Reverse image search and more: beyond basic Google

Find better versions of your images and search more specifically with these tools.

  • TIP: Click the camera icon to begin reverse image searching.