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Finding Scholarly Images

Quality, Scholarly Images for Research, Publication; Scanning Recommendations and Copyright

Maps at Duke

Before you search general image databases, you may want to consider the maps available online and offline at Duke.

General Map Image Databases

  • Bibliotheque National de France "Gallica".  Like the Library of Congress and many other national libraries, this institution archives and displays digitally many historic maps.

More Resources

Other Specialty Maps


  • "Redlining" maps (Home Owners Loan Corporation) Mapping Inequality Project HERE - maps showing the racial (and other) descrimination in the housing industry during Jim Crow.

  • Sanborn Map Collection (Library of Congress) - fire insurance maps of the early 20th century.  In many cases these are the only accurate know maps of a city on a house-by-house basis. [open access]  HERE
  • Sanborn Map Collecton (ProQuest) [Duke Only]  HERE


Consult these research guides if you want to dig deeper into maps and mapping tools.