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Finding Images

Quality, Scholarly Images for Research, Publication; Scanning Recommendations and Copyright

World Cultures

Research Guides

  • China - Image research guide by Luo Zhou, Chinese Studies Specialist
  • Japan - a research guide for images maintained by Kristina Troost, Japanese Studies Specialist
  • Korea - the Korean studies image page, developed by Miree Ku, Korean Studies Specialist
  • South Asia - the "Graphics, Images, Photographs, Pictures, Film & Video" of Edward Proctor, Librarian for South & Southeast Asia
  • Iberia - the "Primary Sources" page including images of Holly Ackerman, Iberian Studies Librarian
  • Middle East - "Middle East Visual Culture" research page by Sean Swanick, Librarian for Middle East & Islamic Studies
  • Slavic, Eurasian, and East Europe - the images guide by Erik Zitser, Slavic and Eurasian Studies Librarian