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Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies at Duke University is an interdisciplinary collaboration across a variety of Departments that seeks to explore all aspects of the Jewish experience.

Maps of Ancient Israel

 Bible Study Tools: Map of the Seige of Jerusalem
Series of maps illustrating the progress of the Great Revolt (66-74CE).

Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land
Versatile and interactive maps based on satellite photos

Franciscan Archaeological Institute: The Madaba Mosaic Map
Extensive resource on this important ancient (6th century) map of the Land of Israel and neighboring regions.

Free Maps (UNC Chapel Hill)
Among the digital maps we find maps of the Roman Empire in the early 2nd century CE, Ptolemaic Egypt, Roman Egypt, the Roman Empire in 69CE.

High Resolution Bible Maps
A very detailed zoomable map of archaeological sites in Israel and neighboring areas, high resolution maps of the Persian Empire, Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire in 116CE and in 150CE, reproduction of the Madaba Mosaic Map.

Ancient World Mapping Center (UNC Chapel Hill)
Includes a high resolution map of the Levant in the Hellenistic-Roman Period

Jewish Virtual Library: Maps
Among the Resources at this site are many maps.

Lacus Curtius: Roman Atlas and Gazetteer
This extensive database on the Roman world includes a detailed and indexed map of Roman Syria and Palestine.

MEGA Jordan
The Jordan Antiquities Database and Information System. An online database which uses Google Earth as a map base and contains information on over 12,000 archaeological sites in Jordan.

N.S. Gill's Biblical Maps 
Includes maps of the Dead Sea area, Hellenistic and Christian Palestine and Palestine at the time of Jesus.

Omnes Viae: Itinerarium Romanum
Combines and interactive map of the Roman Empire with a route planner. Based on the 13th century Tabula Peutingeriana.

Gives scholars and students "the ability to use, create and share historical geographical information about the Greek and Roman world in digital form."

Project Gutenberg: Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
Samuel Butler's (early 19th century) "Atlas" contains a detailed map of Palestine at the time of Jesus as well as other maps of regions of the ancient world.

University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries: Holy Land Maps
Extensive collection of digitized historical maps of the Land of Israel.

University of Texas Libraries: Perry-Castaneda Map Collection: Historical Maps of the Middle East
A vast collection of digitized maps.


A guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world.

Athena Review: Guide to Archaeology on the Internet
Annnotated links to archaeological sources of information, organized by topics.

Publication of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Biblical Archaeology Society
Features articles from the journal "Biblical Archaeology Review" and other information on Biblical matters, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Land of Israel in Antiquity.

Holy Land Photos
At present, this site provides high resolution photos of over 370 sites, principally in Greece, Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine
An internet-accessible database of published inscriptions dating between ca. 500BCE and 614CE together with contextual information.

Institute of Archaeology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Index of Archaeological Sites in Israel
For each of the sites in an extensive list it provides photos and descriptions of excavations and finds.

Israel Antiquities Authority
Reports on ongoing excavations, online articles of archaeological interest, index to the Archaeological Survey of Israel maps, and information on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Jezreel Valley Regional Project
Survey and excavation project results: sites, maps, bibliography

Naomi Miller's Archaeobotanical Reports from the Levant
Bibliography of published reports

The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land (Print - Duke only)
In four volumes, 365 articles describe excavations in Israel, Ancient Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Sinai Peninsula. Covers more than 420 sites.

The National Library for the Archaeology of Israel

Northwest Semitic Inscription Archive
A database of Ammonite, Aramaic, Edomite, Hebrew, Moabite, Nabatean, Philistine, Phoenician, Proto-Canaanite, Proto-Sinaitic, and Punic Inscriptions.

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago
Highlights from the Collection: Palestine

Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature
Provides a fascinating virtual tour of the Kh. Qumran site with reconstruction of the ancient buildings, background material, extensive bibliographies, links to articles available online, bulletin board and announcements.

The Schottenstein National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel

Second Temple Synagogues

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Provides wide-ranging evidence for the exact location of the Temple on Mount Moriah, with links to maps, reconstructions, histories of Jerusalem and other sites of interest.

Virtual Qumran
Computer generated animated reconstructions of the Kh. Qumran site.

The Virtual World Project: Exploring the Ancient World Through Virtual Reality
Presents interactive virtual tours of a substantial number of archaeological sites in Israel and Jordan.

The West Bank and East Jerusalem Archaeological Database Project (Hebrew)