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Duke Human Rights Archive: Human Rights in Palestine and the Middle East

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Print Materials

The Colonizing self: or, home/homelessness in Israel/Palestine by Hagar Kotef (2020): A book exploring the social and emotional repercussions of displacement and its impact in the lives of Palestinians.  

The Palestine refugees: statements made before the General Assembly of the United Nations on the question of the Palestine Refugees by Ahmad Shukairy (approximately 1958): A record of statements made by the Sadia Arabia delegation to the United Nations in response to the issue of Palestinian refugees.

Partition or Zionism?: The fate of Palestine and the Jewish national home by Abraham Revusky (1938): Published by the Zionist Committee for an Undivided Palestine in New York City, this pamphlet presents argumentation for and against a partition in Israel.

Persecution of the Arabs in Israel; facts that every American should know about the tragedy of the Holy Land by the Palestine Arab Refugee Office (1956): A pamphlet of quotes and facts surrounding issues of Palestinian rights in Israel. 

Zionism and the Arab world; testimony submitted to the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives by Emanuel Neumann (1944): A pamphlet with Neumann's arguments to the Committee of Foreign Affairs in favor of a Jewish Commonwealth in Israel and the potential benefits for both Jews and Arabs.


Palestine and Transjordan 1:500,000: Amman: Iraq Lambert grid, central zone (1933): A map of Palestine and Transjordan during the British Mandate.

Jerusalem, old and new (1941-1942) by Ben-David Shelomoh: A pictorial map of Jerusalem.

Other Resources

Haifa Feminist Institute: A feminist library and archive in Haifa documenting the history of feminist activity in Israel. 

Khazaaen: A digital archive of ephemeral materials about Palestinian identity, daily life, and culture.

Librarians and Archivists with Palestine: A network of librarians and archivists working in solidarity with Palestinians on issues of access, memory, identity, and self-determination.

Nakba ArchiveA grassroots digital archive featuring the oral histories of Palestinian refugees who were expelled into Lebanon following the Nakba in 1948.

Palestine Film Institute: A nonprofit organization featuring the documentary works of Palestinian film makers.

Palestine Poster Project: A collection of Palestinian posters (printed and born-digital) documenting the Palestinian struggle for identity and nationhood.

Palestine Remembered: A grassroots collection of research, oral histories, maps, photographs, and other resources about Palestine, Zionism, and the events leading up to the Nakba in 1948.

Palestinian Oral History Archive (American University of Beirut): A collection of over one thousand oral histories of first-generation Palestinian refugees in Lebanon which have been cataloged and indexed for online access.

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