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Explore the lives of men and women in the Muslim world – from the sixteenth century to now – through their autobiographical writings. Writings are by Muslims and non-Muslims living in various social, cultural and political contexts. The authors range from scholars, saints and socio-religious reformers to princes, bureaucrats, nationalists, educators, writers and actors. Browse by category, region, time or name.

Noteworthy Sites

Arab Knowledge Reports (UNDP)

Digital Islam

Research on Middle East, Islam and digital media. is an active network of researchers and scholars who conduct comparative research on Islam and Muslims in the West and disseminate key information to politicians, media, and the public. Sponsored by GSRL Paris/CNRS France and Harvard University, the Euro-Islam research network consists of over forty researchers and hosts over 50,000 unique visitors each month. The site is recognized in political and media circles as the most reliable online reference for Islam in Europe. Bibliography




This catalogue provides a searchable interface to basic manuscript descriptions from some of the major manuscript collections in the UK. With the continuing contribution of manuscript records from UK libraries, Fihrist aims to become a union catalogue for manuscripts in Arabic script. Currently, only a portion of the records contain Arabic script elements.
The Dayan Center Bibliographical Database
Since 1979, the Library of the Moshe Dayan Center has electronically cataloged articles, pamphlets and occasional publications on the Middle East published in English, French, and Arabic. The catalog now consists of over 300,000 entries.
Moshe Dayan Center (Tel Aviv U.) - Arabic Press Archive Catalog
The Arabic Press Archive of the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel-Aviv University is one of the largest and the most comprehensive collections of modern and contemporary Arabic-language newspapers in the world. It continues to expand, in both digital and hard copy form.
National Library of Tunisia: Catalog ‪فهرس المكتبة
Catalog of the National Library of Tunisia, this includes old Tunisian newspapers & other periodicals. Digitized documents may be available. In French and Arabic.

Key Online Reference & Databases

Deoband, IndiaOnline Reference Works:

Other Reference Works

Juynboll, G. H. A.
Encyclopedia of canonical ḥadīth.
Leiden, The Netherlands ; Boston: Brill, 2007
Divinity School Library BP135.2 .J89 2007 Reference Quarto Check availability @ Duke
Kassis, Hanna E.
Concordance of the Quran.
[S.l.]: Oxford University Press, 1983.
Get online version (Duke only)
This research tool for students of the Qur'an who are not fully conversant with the written Arabic language allows users to find deeper paths into understanding the text by linking English words and their corresponding transliterated Arabic terms to passages, chapters and verses in the Qur'an.

>> Other Concordances of the Qur'an

McAuliffe, Jane Dammen (ed.)
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān.
Leiden: Brill, 2001-2006.
Divinity School Library BP133 .E53 2001 v.1-5, Index Check availability @ Duke

Article Databases:


Gallego, Maria Angeles, Heather Bleaney and Pablo Garcia Suárez (eds.)
Bibliography of Jews in the Islamic world.
Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2010
Perkins/Bostock Library DS135.L4 B53 2010 International & Area Studies Reading Room Check availability @ Duke
Hunwick, John O. and R.S. O'Fahey (eds.)
Arabic literature of Africa.
Leiden ; New York: E.J. Brill, 1994-
Perkins/Bostock Library PJ8195 .A375 1994 v.1-4 International & Area Studies Reading Room Check availability @ Duke
Kornrumpf, Hans-Jürgen.
Osmanische Bibliographie: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Türkei in Europa.
Handbuch der Orientalistik. Erste Abteilung, Der Nahe und der Mittlere Osten. Ergänzungsband; 8
Leiden: Brill, 1973.
Perkins/Bostock Z2831 .K67 1973 International & Area Studies Reading Room Check availability @ Duke
Library of Congress.
National union catalog of manuscript collections.
Washington : Library of Congress, 1959-
Perkins/Bostock Reference Z106.5.U6 N385 Check availability @ Duke
Indexes: 1959/62, 1 v.; 1963/66 in 1966; 1967/69 in 1969; 1970/74 in 1974; 1975/79 1 v.; 1980/84, 1 v.; 1986/90, 1 v.; 1991/93, 1 v.
Sezgin, Fuat.
Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums.
Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1967-
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room DS36.85 .S494 1967 Check availability @ Duke
This works presents a broad survey of Arabic manuscripts and provides a rich philological and historical commentary for each of the fields covered down to AH 430/AD 1040.
Contents: Bd. 1. Qurʾānwissenschaften, Hadīth Geschichte, Fiqh, Dogmatik, Mystik bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 2. Poesie bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 3. Medizin, Pharmazie, Zoologie, Tierheilkunde bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 4. Alchimie, Chemie, Botanik, Agrikultur bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 5. Mathematik bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 6. Astronomie bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 7. Astrologie, Meteorologie und Verwandtes bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 8. Lexikographie bis 430 H.--Bd. 9. Grammatik bis ca. 430 H.
Skreslet, Paula Youngman.
The literature of Islam : a guide to the primary sources in English translation .
Lanham, Maryland : Scarecrow Press, Inc. : American Theological Library Association, 2006.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room Z7835.M6 S585 2006 Check availability @ Duke
Contents: The Qur'an: text and translation -- The traditions: Hadith -- Exegesis of the Qur'an: tafsir -- Law and legal theory: shari'a and fiqh -- History and historiography: ta'rikh -- Philosophy: falsafa -- Theology: kalam -- Spirituality and mysticism: tasawwuf -- Appendix: anthologies.
Tadrus, Fawzi M.
The Holy Koran in the Library of Congress : a bibliography.
Washington: Library of Congress, 1993.
Library Service Center BP130 .T337 1993 Check availability @ Duke
Zoghby, Samir M.
Islam in sub-Saharan Africa : a partially annotated guide.
Washington: Library of Congress, 1976.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room BP64.A37 Z64 1978 Check availability @ Duke

Related Guide: Muslims in America

Map of Muslim Distribution
Worldwide Muslim Distribution
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Rubenstein Library

Special collections & manuscript materials are handled according to rules and procedures established by Rubenstein Library. Please consult Rubenstein's Research page before you request any items.

The Qur'ân c1700.
Harar, Ethiopia: circa 1700.
Rubenstein Library Arabic MS 23 Vault Check availability @ Duke
Summary: Arabic manuscript on paper, 17 lines of black ‘Eastern’ Sudani script to the page, orthography and recitation marks in black, red and green, margins ruled in black and red, illuminated frontispiece with text of Surat al-Fatiha and beginning of Surat al-Baqara within a rectangular border of white vegetal scrolls in a red and green frame, bound in contemporary Harar leather binding with stamped central medallion and corner pieces and paper doublures.
Al-Qaida posters, about 2001.
Rubenstein Library Ovsz. Box 25 Folder 1-2 Check availability @ Duke
Summary: Collection comprises 23 posters printed in Pakistan. Posters feature images of Osama Bin Laden, often accompanied by text from the Koran, as well as Islamic or jihadist slogans. The posters range in size from 14x19 in. to 26x35 in. Several posters are printed on the backs of other, previously printed material, including printer's page proofs for two English texts, an inspirational poster, and a Pakistani government poster. The majority of the posters repeat identical religious or martial images, rearranged. One poster features an image from the bombing of the Twin Towers on September 11th. The text is written in Arabic and Urdu; translation of some Urdu text and citations for the Qur'anic passages accompany the material.

Free Online Islamic Studies Resources

Online Qur'an Resources
These webpages were constructed for an online virtual seminar conducted in 2002-2003 by Bruce Lawrence and Daniel Varisco as a pilot project of the SSRC. Since then they have been updated annually.

Date Converters/Calendars

See also:
Ansari, Shahabuddin.
Interchanging Muslim and Christian era dates : a handbook of precisely synchronizing Hijrah era dates with the Christian era dates and vice versa from 60 B.H. to 2100 A.H. (564 A.D. to 2659 A.D.), together with to ascertain the day of the week of any pre-Hijrah, post-Hijrah, Julilan and Gregorian calendar dates.
Kanpur: Islamic Research Centre in arrangement with B.R. Pub. Corp., Delhi, 2008.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room CE59 .A573 2008 Check availability @ Duke
Beeston, A.F.L.
Arabic Nomenclature: A Summary Guide for Beginners.
Oxford: OUP; Board of Management, Mew Fund, 1971
Ginzel, Friedrich Karl.
Handbuch der mathematischen und technischen Chronologie, das Zeitrechnungswesen der Völker.
Leipzig, J.C. Hinrichs, 1906-1914.
Perkins/Bostock Library CE11 .G5 1906 bd.1-bd.3
Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: 1. Bd. Zeitrechnung der Babylonier, Ägypter, Mohammedaner, Perser, Inder, Südostasiaten, Chinesen, Japaner und Zentralamerikaner.--II. Bd. Zeitrechnung der Juden, der Naturvölker, der Römer und Griechen, sowie Nachträge zum 1. Bande.--III. Bd. Zeitrechnung der Makedonier, Kleinasier und Syrer, der Germanen und Kelten, des Mittelalters, der Byzantiner (und Russen), Armenier, Kopten, Abessinier, Zeitrechnung der neueren Zeit, sowie Nachträge zu den drei Bänden.
Keller, Noah Ha Mim.
Port in a storm : a fiqh solution to the Qibla of North America.
Amman, Jordan: Wakeel Books, 2001.
Divinity School Library BP187.45 .K45 2001 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: pt. 1. Fact, fiqh, and the Qibla. A question of fact -- The Azhar Fatwa -- pt. 2. Answers to difficulties. The Qiblas of the Sahaba -- Mecca and the Mercator projection -- The shortest distance -- A tunnel through the earth -- Considering the earth legally flat -- The stars and the Qibla -- Fuqaha and engineers -- Instruments and sacred law -- The exact direction -- The traditional direction of mosques -- The four directions of the world -- pt. 3. Muslim unity. Port in a storm -- Appendices. Cited Arabic texts -- The Azhar Fatwa in Arabic -- Other Fatwa questions -- Map projections -- Works and documents cited.
Melville, Charles.
"The Chinese-Uighur Animal Calendar in Persian Historiography of the Mongol Period."
In: Iran , Vol. 32, (1994), pp. 83-98.
Article Stable URL: (Duke only)
Proudfoot, Ian.
Old Muslim calendars of Southeast Asia.
Leiden ; Boston: Brill, 2006.
Library Service Center DS42 .H236 Bd.17 Check availability @ Duke
Unat, Faik Reşit.
Hicrı̂ tarihleri milâdı̂ tarihe çevirme kılavuzu.
Ankara: Türk Tarih Kurumu Basımevi, 1974.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room CE59 .U5 1974 Check availability @ Duke
Wüstenfeld, Ferdinand and Bertold Spuler.
Vergleichungs-Tabellen zur muslimischen und iranischen Zeitrechung mit Tafeln zur Umrechnung orient-christlicher Ären.3rd ed.
Mainz: Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft; in Kommission bei F. Steiner, Wiesbaden, 1961.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room CE15 .W8 1961 Check availability @ Duke
Some of the date converter information has been gleaned, with thanks, from András Riedlmayer's guide at Harvard University.

Duke Blogs and Podcasts

Primary Sources for Islamic Studies

Abu-Rabi', Ibrahim M. (ed.)
The contemporary Arab reader on political Islam.
Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2010.
Divinity School Library BP173.7 .C65 2010 Check availability @ Duke
Part I. Toward a Theoretical Appreciation of Islamism in the Contemporary Arab World 1. Salafism is a Blessed Historical Phase Rather Than an Islamic Legal School (Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti) 2. Toward a Unified and Universal Islamic Movement (Fathi Yakan) 3. Towards a Modern Islamic Perspective Declaration of Principles (Ahmad Kamal Abu'l Majd) 4. Women Between the People of Hadith and the People of Fiqh (Muhammad al-Ghazali) Part II. Islamism, Jihad, and Martyrdom 5. The Birth of 'Afghan-Arabs': An Algerian Perspective (Abdullah Anas) 6. What Jihad Has Taught Me! (Abdullah Azzam) 7. Jihad in Islam: How to Understand and Practice it? (Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti) 8. Islam and the Question of Power (Sayyid Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah) Part III. Islamism and the Question of Israel/Palestine 9. Islam and Zionism (Ismail R. Faruqi) 10. From Basel to Oslo: Zionism and the Islamic Narrative (Mustafa Abu Sway) 11. Palestine/Lebanon], The Role of the Israeli Lobby (Mohsen Saleh) Part IV. Contemporary Islamism: Trends and Self-Criticism 12. Islam Between Ignorant Followers and Incapable Scholars (Abdul Qadir Awdah) 13. The Islamic Movement and the Contemporary Challenges (Ramadan Abdallah Shallah) 14. On the Present Rulers in the Muslim World (Umar Abdel Rahman) 15. The Islamic Movement and Contemporary Crises: An Assessment and Correction (Sami al-Arian) 16. Islamic Movements: Self-Criticism and Reconsideration (Rashid Ghannoushi) 17. Islamic Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) 18. The Islamic Movement: Hopes and Aspirations (Jamil Hamami) Part V. Islamism, the West, the United States and 9/11 19. Imperialism and the Contemporary Muslim world (Abdel Wahab al-Masiri) 20. Islamists and the West: From Confrontation to Cooperation (Ahmad Bin Yousuf) 21. Islam and the Challenges of Contemporary Decline (Munir Shafiq) 22. Transformation of the Islamic Movement and the Current American Strategy (Kamal Habib) 23. The United States and Islamism: Before and After 9/11 (Yasser Za'atira) 24. Muslim Youth and the West: Between Original and Contemporary Values (Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah) Part VI. Islamism in the Contemporary Arab World 25. Islam and Saudi Paganism (Fahd al-Qahtani) 26. Conclusive Evidences for the Illegality of the Saudi State (Muhammad al-Masa'ari) 27. How to Revive Islamic Caliphate? (Abdel Qadim Zalloum) 28. Recent Changes in the Arab-Islamist Movements (Zaki Ahmad) 29. The Islamic Movement in Morocco: Resurgence or Decline? (Ahmad al-Raysouni) 30. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (Shaykh Ali al-Bayanuni) 31. The Future of Islamist Work: The Islamist Movement in the Context of International Transformations and the Gulf Crisis (Ishaq al-Farhan) 32. Islamist Political Parties in Contemporary Algeria (Yahia H. Zoubir) 33. The Islamic Movement in the Gulf Region (Sami Abdallah) 34. The Islamic Movement in Modern Iraq, Sunni Dimension (Tarik Hamdi Al-Azami) 35. The Ideational World and Its Impressed and Expressed Ideas (Malik Bennabi)
Aḥmad, Azīz.
Muslim self-statement in India and Pakistan 1857-1968.
Wiesbaden, O. Harrassowitz, 1970.
Divinity School Library BP63.I4 A96 1970 Check availability @ Duke
Alagha, Joseph Elie.
Hizbullah's documents : from the 1985 open letter to the 2009 manifesto.
Amsterdam: Pallas Publications, [2011]
Perkins/Bostock Library JQ1828.A98 H6138 2011 Check availability @ Duke
Summary: Compilation and translation into English of the original primary documents in Arabic. Includes: the party's 1985 Open Letter; its eight clandestine conclaves from 1989 to 2009; all of its legislative and municipal election programs from 1992 to 2010; all the agreements, understandings, and pacts the party has ratified over the years; its 2009 Political Manifesto.
Archive Editions.
Records of the Hajj : a documentary history of the pilgrimage to Mecca.
London: Archive Editions, 1993.
Divinity School Library BP187.3 .R44 1993 v.1-10  Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: v. 1. Pilgrim prayers, invocations, and rites -- v. 2. The early caliphal, Mamluk, and Ottoman periods (630-1814)-- v. 3. The Ottoman period (1814-1887) -- v. 4. The Ottoman period (1888-1915) -- v. 5. The Hashimite period (1916-1925) -- v. 6. The Saudi period (1926-1935) -- v. 7. The Saudi period (1935-1951) -- v. 8. The Saudi period (since 1952)--v. 9. Health affairs and the Hajj -- v. 10. Documents and maps (7 on folded leaves in bookcase).
Bin Laden, Osama, 1957-2011.
Messages to the world : the statements of Osama Bin Laden.
London: New York: Verso, 2005.
Divinity School Library HV6433.I742 Q35 2005 2 copies
Perkins/Bostock Library HV6433.I742 Q35 2005 3 copies
Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: Introduction / by Bruce Lawrence -- From Sudan, 1994-1995. The betrayal of Palestine. The invasion of Arabia -- In Khurasan, 1996-1998. Declaration of jihad. The Saudi regime. From Somalia to Afghanistan. The world Islamic front -- Towards 9/11, 1998-2001. A Muslim bomb. Under Mullah Omar. To our brothers in Pakistan. The winds of faith. Terror for terror -- War in Afghanistan, 2001-2002. Crusader wars. The example of Vietnam. Nineteen students. To the people of Afghanistan. To the Americans. To the allies of America -- War in Iraq, 2003-2004. To the people of Iraq. Among a band of knights. Quagmires of the Tigris and Euphrates. Resist the new Rome. To the peoples of Europe. The towers of Lebanon. Depose the tyrants.
Burdett, Anita L.P. (ed.)
Islamic movements in the Arab world, 1913-1966.
London: Archive Editions, 1998.
Perkins/Bostock Library BP173.7 .I7 1998 v.1-v.4 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: v. 1. 1913-1924 -- v. 2. 1925-1933 -- v. 3. 1934-1948 -- v. 4. 1949-1966.
Calvert, John.
Islamism : a documentary and reference guide. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2008.
Divinity School Library BP161.3 .C35 2008 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: "The land of those who reside in paradise" -- Zarqawi's letter. Dialogue of civilizations -- "The people of the region are becoming increasingly angry" -- The near enemy -- The modern jahiliyya -- "What immorality could allow this kind of behavior?" -- The neglected duty -- "Islam needs a country that protects its creed" -- "The junta is pursuing the path of evil" -- Islamism in Saudi Arabia -- "We are calling for sweeping reform in our people's affairs" -- The betrayal of palestine -- A Saudi oppositionists view -- "The state of Saudi Arabia is facing a dire crisis" -- The liberation of Muslim lands -- "The entire Islamic land is like a single country" -- "We were looking for jihad" -- "The movement's program is Islam" -- "A ruling pertaining to the participation of Palestinians in government institutions in the occupied land" -- Global jihad -- Declaration of jihad -- Jihad against Jews and crusaders -- Knights under the prophet's banner -- "Muslims can legitimately kill disbelievers" -- "Physical fitness of the mujahid" --^ Islamist movements and thinkers -- The founding of the Muslim brotherhood -- Goals and strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood -- The need for islamic leadership -- The primacy of the shari'a -- From Arabism to Islamism -- Islamism, democracy, and the limits of freedom -- "Impious democratic dogma" -- Representative government in Islam -- An Islamist view of the media -- Women and family life in Islamist discourses -- "When Islam prohibits something, it closes all the avenues of approach to it" -- "Woman has been guaranteed complete equality with man" -- "Muslim sister-- show your pride!" -- The need for ijtihad -- Social and economic justice -- Mutual responsibility -- Our economy -- "The goal of Islam is to eliminate misery" -- "Islam distinguishes between the property of the state and collective property" -- The Iranian revolution -- "The shahid is always alive and present" -- "The awaited savior" -- "Laws and social institutions require the existence of an executor" 
Euben, Roxanne Leslie and Muhammad Qasim Zaman (eds.).
Princeton readings in Islamist thought : texts and contexts from al-Banna to Bin Laden.
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009.
Perkins/Bostock Library BP163 .P72 2009 Check availability @ Duke
Chapter 1. Introduction (p. 1) Part I. Islamism: An Emergent Worldview Chapter 2. (Hasan al-Banna) (p. 49) Toward the Light (p. 56) Chapter 3. (Sayyid Abu'l-A'la Mawdudi) (p. 79) The Islamic Law (p. 86) Chapter 4. (Sayyid Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali Nadwi) (p. 107) Muslim Decadence and Revival (p. 112) Chapter 5. (Sayyid Qutb) (p. 129) Signposts along the Road (p. 136) In the Shade of the Qur'an (p. 145) Part II. Remaking the Islamic State Chapter 6. (Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini) (p. 155) Islamic Government (p. 163) Chapter 7. (Muhammad Bagir al-Sadr) (p. 181) The General Framework of the Islamic Economy (p. 186) Chapter 8. (Hasan al-Turabi) (p. 207) The Islamic State (p. 213) Chapter 9. (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) (p. 224) Islam and Democracy (p. 230) Part III. Islamism and Gender Chapter 10. (Murtaza Mutahhari) (p. 249) The Human Status of Woman in the Qur'an (p. 254) Chapter 11. (Zaynab al-Ghazali) (p. 275) An Islamist Activist (p. 283) From Days of My Life, chapter 2 (p. 288) Chapter 12. (Nadia Yassine) (p. 302) Modernity, Muslim Women, and Politics in the Mediterranean (p. 311) Part IV. Violence, Action, and Jihad Chapter 13. (Muhammad 'Abd al-Salam Faraj) (p. 321) The Neglected Duty (p. 327) Chapter 14. ('Umar 'Abd al-Rahman) (p. 344) The Present Rulers and Islam: Are They Muslims or Not? (p. 350) Chapter 15. (Hamas) (p. 356) Charter of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) of Palestine (p. 364) Chapter 16. (Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah) (p. 387) Islamic Unity and Political Change (p. 394) September 11th, Terrorism, Islam, and the Intifada (p. 403) Chapter 17. The Taliban (p. 409) A New Layeha for the Mujahidin (p. 415) An Interview with a Taliban Commander (p. 418) Part V. Globalizing Jihad Chapter 18. (Usama bin Laden) (p. 425) Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places (p. 436) Chapter 19. (Muhammad 'Ata al-Sayyid) (p. 460) Final Instructions (p. 466) Glossary (p. 473) Bibliography (p. 479) Index (p. 501)

Historical Newspapers & Periodicals

al-Ahram [microfilm]
Perkins/Bostock Microfilm S25 - Available: 1973-present Check availability @ Duke
Beşiktaş [Istanbul]: Küresel İletişim Merkezi Medya Yayıncılık Bilgisayar ve İnternet Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş.
Rubenstein Library Rare Books NC1660.T9 C129 - Available: issues 7, 33-48, 50-53, 56-58  Check availability @ Duke
Rubenstein Library Rare Books NC1660.T9 C129a - Available: issues sayi.18-32 Check availability @ Duke
Cem : haftalik musavver mizah mecmuasidir = Djém : revue politique, humoristique et satirique illustrée.
Istanbul : Matbaayi Ahmet Ihsan.
Rubenstein Library Rare Books Check availability @ Duke
Cumhuriyet. [microfilm]
Istanbul : Cumhuriyet Matbaacilik ve Gazetecilik.
Perkins/Bostock Library Microfilm S77S - Available: 1973-Nov. 2002 Check availability @ Duke
al-Daʻwah [microfiche].
al-Qāhirah: s.n.
Perkins/Bostock Library Microforms S9637 - Available: 1976-1981 Check availability @ Duke
al-Iʻtiṣām [microfiche].
al-Qāhirah: s.n.
Perkins/Bostock Library Microforms S9638 - Available: 1978-1981 Check availability @ Duke
al-Jamiah al-Arabiyah [microfilm].
al-Quds al-Sharif: Munif al-Husayni, 1927-
Library Service Center S9561 rl.1(1927)-rl.5(1931:Jan./June) - Available: 1927-1935 Check availability @ Duke
al-Tawhid [microfiche].
Cairo : Jamaat Ansar al-Sunnah al-Muhammadiyah
Perkins/Bostock Library Microfiche S9639 - Available 1973-1981 Check availability @ Duke

Translation of The Qur'an

Khan, Muhammad Muhsin and Muhammad Taqî-ud-Dîn Al-Hilâlî (translators)
Translation of the meanings of the Noble Qurʼan in the English language.
Medina: Majmaʻ al-Malik Fahd li-Ṭibāʻat al-Muṣḥaf al-Sharīf, 2000
Library Service Center BP109 1999 Check availability @ Duke

Librarian for Middle East, North Africa & Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies Theses

Researchers and librarians working in Islamic Studies will now for the first time have online access to more than 900 Ph.D theses in Islamic Studies, spanning over ten years. JISC, The Academy and The British Library have combined their resources to bring together Islamic Studies theses from universities across the UK and Ireland. More...