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Ivy Plus Libraries' Digital Projects on East Asia

Published Projects

The Japanese Archeological Collection at the University of Pennsylvania

This Penn Libraries Omeka Site includes images of 188 prehistoric archeological artifacts and 16 sheets of drawings from Japan. They were gifted to the Penn Museum by the Tokyo National Museum at the World Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. The objects in the collection include 127 pots and potsherds, 58 stone tools, 3 stone rods, and 1 ‘knife’ pendant. In addition to providing images in browse-able format, the website contains written analysis, secondary sources, and a history of the objects' acquisition.

Japanese Naval Collection

The Japanese Naval Collection contains around 120 scrapbooks, memorial cruise books, scientific records, ship newspapers, and other materials which focus on Japanese training fleets from 1900 to 1940. The collection has been partially digitized and is available online through the Penn Libraries catalog. This collection will be of special interest to those studying military history, foreign relations, Japan in the world, and the interwar period.

Japanese Juvenile Fiction Collection

The Japanese Juvenile Fiction Collection contains over 250 adventure stories published from 1900 to 1920. Few copies of these fragile, cheaply-produced books survive today, making Penn's collection the largest for this type of book in the world. Much of the collection has been digitized and is freely available through the Penn Libraries catalog.

Gilbert, Shirley, and Marilyn Luber Collection

This collection of more than 1,300 books, journals and magazines on Japanese art and Japan has been partially digitized, and is available through the Penn Libraries catalog.

Penn Digital Discussions

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