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Ivy Plus Libraries' Digital Projects on East Asia

Ongoing Projects

Chinese Social Media and the Anti-Corruption Campaign (2012-)

The Archive is part of a collaborative web archiving project to preserve Chinese blogs and micro-blogs related to the ongoing Chinese Anti-Corruption Campaign (2012-). The collection is browseable by subject, data, type (e.g. blog, microblog, news) and source (e.g. governmental, non-governmental). 

Chinese Public Health Campaign Lantern Slides (1950s-70s)

This collection of digitized lantern slides covers Chinese (P.R.C.) public health campaigns from the 1950s through the 1970s. The collection is organized into different campaigns and topics, such as malaria prevention, children's hygiene habits, water and diseases and the harm of smoking. Each slide includes detailed metadata. Items are browseable by subject, title, issue date and author.