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Ivy Plus Libraries' Digital Projects on East Asia

Published and Ongoing Projects

Down to the Countryside Movement
Original materials from the rustication period including diaries, letters, photographs, and artifacts.  

The Papers of Charles Daniel Tenney. 1907-1925

Includes essays, speeches and translations concerning Tenney's time in China as well as views on education, the tensions between Christian missions and Confucianism, criticism of Chinese language and writing system, criticism of the 1911 revolution and the founding of the Chinese Republic, as well as Tenney's thoughts on the Jewish colonu and tablets at Kaifeng. Additionally, included is Tenney's typescript copy of Bishop George Smith's translation of the Kaifeng Jewish Tablets.

Sino-Viet Ritual Texts, 1924

The three manuscripts of rituals in classical Chinese and Vietnamese Nom are traceable to medieval China. The contain practical Buddhist - Taoist rituals on death, healing and natural disasters. The manuscripts contain Chinese calligraphy from different calligraphers, colorful illustrations and inserts written in Vietnamese Nom.

Press Translations, Japan. 1945-1946

Produced by the General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, Allied Translator and Interpreter Section during the U.S. Occupation of post-war II Japan. It consists of English summaries or full translations of newspaper articles and editorials from November 1945 to June 1946. This searchable database contains incomplete holdings of four series of the translations: Economic, Editorial, Political and Social.

Jippensha, Ikku. Dōchū hizakurige. 道中膝栗毛. Selections.

This work contains selections from the 19th century comic novel: A shanks' mare tour of the Tōkaidō. The text is accompanied by 60 original illustrations by Tamenobu Fujukawa. 

Chinese Love Stories from "Ching-shih"

A lovingly made anthology of love stories. Collected in the early seventeenth century, these stories are classified into twenty-four major categories.