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Researching an Individual Works of Art: Beginnings


Beginnings - Reference Sources

  1. Oxford Art Online
    - Oxford's combined art databases, searchable uniformly or individually
  2. Encyclopedia of World Art - hardcopy only
    - older, but longer essays on art topics and issue  + half of every volume is plates, may in color; - older
  3. Pelican History of Art (series) Lilly Reference [various titles depending on period] Lilly N5300.P38
    - the standard English-language history of art.  Continuously updated.  + extra images; good beginning bibliography
  4. Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History ebook and Lilly Reference
  5. Encyclopedia of African American Artists (book) N6538.N5 J44 2009

Other Helpful Guides

Art History (Research Guide of all of art history at Duke)

African American Studies (Resource page of Heather Martin, Subject specialist for African American Studies)

Image Collections at Duke (Image databases that Duke subscribes to or owns)

Museum Studies (Research guilde for Museum Studies class

Provenance (Research Guide for tracking down history of individual paintings)

Subject Guide

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