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Asian Studies

Networking resources, books, periodicals, images, data and government documents for East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thaila

Key Databases

DBpia 누리미디어 학술간행물

Provides full text databases including more than 862,000 articles of 1,124 Korean scholarly journals. Similar to JSTOR. Use Internet Explorer (not Firefox) for this database.

Kdatabase 한국현대사 통합데이터베이스

Provides an essential resource for research on modern and contemporary Korean history. Searchable by title, keyword or author, and browsable by period, subject, historian, and the title. It includes archival materials, scholarly works, an encyclopedia of North Korea, and a biographical dictionary of North Korea.

KISS 한국학술정보; 학술지원문데이터베이스

Full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications, and research papers published by over 1,340 journals from 1,200 academic associations in Korea.  Use Internet Explorer (not Firefox) for this database.

KoreaA2Z 한국학DB 콘텐츠

Provides a collection of full text databases on a variety of subjects including primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, newspapers and other books. It also includes Digital Culture Art Course (디지털문화강좌), VOD lectures including over 900 courses under 7 subjects for continuing education.

Korean History and Culture Research Database 한국역사문화조사자료 데이터베이스

This database is a full-text collection of excavation reports of historical sites in Korea operated by national and university museums, research institutions and associations since 1910. It also includes the Collection of Japanese Colonial Government’s Researches on Korean Culture and History.

KRpia 한국의지식콘텐츠

Includes historical materials and records in the fields of history, literature, folk culture, nature, Chinese medicine, religion, etc.  This database is keyword searchable, and includes image files of original texts in classical Chinese with a searchable translated version in Korean.

KSI e-Book 한국학술정보단행본

Provides access to over 5800 full text electronic books in the fields of humanities and social sciences published in Korea.

LawnB Legal Information Service 로앤비법률정보서비스

Provides a portal service for all law-related issues, indexing 50 categories such as statues, precedents, administrative documents and statistics, academic articles, law journals, law-related news and others.

History Culture Series 진인진역사문화 시리즈

Online multimedia content database for topics on Korean history and civilization. Includes some English content for the prehistory in Korea

Naver News Library

Full-text Korean newspaper article database containing the following four major newspapers: 

東亞日 = Dong-A ilbo 1920-1999
京鄕新 = Kyunghyang Shinmun 1946-1999
每日經 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999
한겨 = The Hankyoreh 1988-1999

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