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East Asian Resources for Teachers  

Resources for K-12 teachers on East Asia: general and country specific (China, Japan, Korea); visual resources; local North Carolina resources.
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  • Asia for Educators
    Includes teaching aids (workbooks, lesson plans, unit outlines), resources (textbooks, travel programs, language programs) and a library of short multi-media discussions on topics concerning China and Japan. Well-known experts on Asia are featured in video clips. Provided by East Asian Curriculum Project / Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University.
  • Asia for Kids
    This commercial site, Asia for Kids, offers hard-to-find resources for the home, classroom or library. Its mission is to make the rich Asian heritage and its diverse languages accessible to everyone. Its collection includes books, language textbooks, videos, audio cassettes, software, CD-ROMs, dolls, games, posters, crafts, t-shirts and resource materials for parents and teachers.
  • Asian Educational Media Service
    Descended from the Center for Educational Media (CEM) at Earlham, AEMS is a national clearinghouse for information about educational media (i.e., audio-visual) materials related to Asia. Maintains an up-to-date, computerized database of information about media which includes price and distributor information for materials still in print and holdings/lending information for materials held in the US. Can be searched by country, format, audience, subject, key word, title and date of production.
  • Asian Studies Resources at the Asia Institute
    Resources of the UCLA Asia Institute
  • Association for Asian Studies
    The professional association for scholars interested in East, South and Southeast Asia. It includes Education about Asia , published in the Spring, Fall, and Winter, EAA contains stimulating articles on all areas of Asia, covers a range of topics from ancient cultures and literatures to current events, suggests resources for classroom use, and includes essays describing educational programs and techniques that have been tested in classrooms. This site has tables of contents, sample articles, Asian factoids and resource links as well as information on subscribing. Under links there are articles formerly published in the journal on Education in Asian Languages (and selected resources) and Asian Literature Resources.
  • Education, Asia Society
    The Asia Society's mission is to foster understanding and communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific. The AskAsia web site is an online 'clearinghouse', specifically for elementary, middle and high-school level materials pertaining to Asian Studies, from a variety of sources. Includes information for educators and a set of pages specifically for school children. Covers East, South, and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Information organized by country. Includes an expanding set of lesson plans (under instructional resources) organized by theme and by country/region.
  • Indiana University East Asian Studies Center: Publications
    This site includes links to resources for teaching about Asia, China, Japan and Korea as well as a series of lessons plans developed in summer workshops at Indiana and Ohio State. Unfortunately, access to the lesson plans is by browsing; they are not indexed or searchable.
  • Program for Teaching East Asia
    Teaching East Asia (TEA) includes several projects designed to enhance and expand teaching about Japan and China at the elementary and secondary levels. Specific projects focus on curriculum development, institutionalizing curriculum reform related to East Asia in K–12 education, and professional development for teachers. An underlying mission in all TEA programs is to bring current research and scholarship on China and Japan to K–12 teachers and, through them, to elementary and secondary students.
  • United Nations Cyber School Bus
    This United Nations sponsored site offers a variety of resources on population and environmental trends, national statistics, city profiles, and UN operations.


  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
    Sourcebooks are collections of texts in the public domain that are available for copying for educational purposes. Compiled by Paul Halsall at Fordham.
  • East Asia in Geographic Perspective
    East Asia in Geographic Perspective is designed as a resource site for teachers of East Asian history, geography and culture. It provides background information and curriculum materials, including primary source documents for students.
  • Women in World History Curriculum
    Includes classroom materials geared to students aged 11-15. Includes material on the Trung Sisters, Vietnam (ca. 40 A.D.); Empress Wu Zetian, China (Tang Dynasty); Queen Sondok (or Sonduk), Korea (Silla Dynasty); Sorghaghtani Beki, Mongolia (Genghis Khan), and Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki) Japan (Heian Period.


Daibutsu, Bronze Image at Kamakura (New York Public Library Photo)

  • Brief History of Buddhism
    A very brief history of Buddhism with links to the explanation of the key terms.
  • BuddhaNew eBook Library: Children's Buddhist Books
    Full text of digitized books relating to Buddhism for children, including both fiction and non-fiction.
  • BuddhaNet
    A comprehensive Buddhist resource provided by BuddhaNet, including writings on principles of Buddhism, meditation, one monk's dreams, the life of Buddha, and women in Buddhism, etc. It also contains useful resources such as an on-line magazine, audio clips of Buddhist chanting and meditation instructions; meditation techniques; information about Buddhist teachings, art, history and culture; e-books; events; and web links. Buddhist studies includes materials designed for elementary and secondary students.
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
    This dictionary is a compilation of Buddhist terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. Any user may access the dictionary by entering "guest" as the username with no password.
  • Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Buddhist Stories
    A collection of Buddhist stories with the eyes of a child and the mind of a beginner.
  • Chinese Buddhism
    Part of Visual Sources for Chinese Civilization by Patricia Buckley Ebrey, this section provides texts as well images on how Buddhism changed China's visual culture, showing the evolution of images of deities, plus views of temples and people practice Buddhism.
  • The Japanese Garden: Zen Garden
    A web site is dedicated to the Japanese garden, and more specifically to the historic gardens of Kyoto and its environs. Although many of these gardens are located within Zen monasteries, this site does not explore the influence of Zen Buddhism on Japanese garden design, an influence that is often conjectural at best. Instead, the site is designed to provide the visitor with an opportunity to visit each garden, to move through or around it, to experience it through the medium of high-quality color images, and to learn something of its history. (Bowdoin College, USA)
  • Buddhism in Korea
    Part of commercial web site: Life in Korea.
  • What is Korean Buddhism?
    Comprehensive introduction to the history, temples from World Buddhist Portal, Buddhapia.
  • Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism
    Written and maintained by Jack Churchward emplaning the history & doctrines of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Himalayan Art Resources
    An online gallery with over 17,000 images of art from the Himalayas,including Tibetan Buddhism arts

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