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Southeast Asia: Getting Started

Description of Library Collection

Perkins and Bostock Libraries holdings in Southeast Asian area studies are generally supportive of undergraduate level teaching and research. Subject areas covered are primarily history, culture, sociology, economics and literature. Vietnam War materials have been a recent, moderate strength; efforts have also been made of late to add to holdings concerning public policy, development and social issues. Additional collecting in art, religion and music is handled by the Lilly, Divinity and Music libraries.

Language emphasis is on English-language materials with some coverage in French (for the former French Indochina), Spanish (for the Philippines) and, to a lesser degree, Dutch (for Indonesia) and Portuguese (for East Timor). There are extremely few holdings in indigenous languages.


Interim Librarian for South
Southeast Asia

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Holly Ackerman
Room 228 Bostock
Box 90195
Duke University Libraries
Durham, NC 27708