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Guide to Collections Related to the Ford Motor Company: Introduction

"There's a Ford in your Future," 1945, JWT Domestic Advertisements Collection


Using This Guide:

The Hartman Center houses numerous collections related to the Ford Motor Co. throughout the 20th century including advertising agency records, professional papers of individuals, and trade organizations.  Formats include print advertisements and television spots, collateral literature and other publications, and digitized material.  The resources highlighted in this guide are not meant to be a comprehensive list of material related to this subject.  If you'd like assistance accessing additional material please contact Hartman Center staff

This guide is organized into several tabs:

  • Print Advertisement Collections
  • Agency Records
  • Career Papers
  • Trade Organization
  • Digital Collections

Additional Information

On Line Catalog:

The library's online catalog is the most comprehensive way of discovering relevant materials across the Rubenstein Library's collections.  Begin your search from the Rubenstein's homepage to limit your search results to our collections.  There are separate tabs in the search bar for both the catalog and our published collection guides.  To ensure you are searching thoroughly across our holdings, run your search terms through both.