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Guide to Collections Related to the Ford Motor Company: JWT Career Papers: A-F

JWT Career Papers: A-F

Arnold Grisman Papers, 1934-1997 and undated, bulk 1969-1987
Arnold Grisman worked primarily on the Ford Thunderbird account after joining JWT as a copywriter in 1955 and took a leave of absence in 1960 to work on the Ford Canadian Car X account. However, the only materials in his papers related to Ford are four folders located in boxes 4 and 5 that contain papers related to a 1973 Ford presentation.

Bertram Metter Papers, 1908-2000 and undated, bulk 1953-1989
The Ford Series is the largest in the papers of Bertram Metter, who worked on direct marketing during the early years of JWT’s work on the Ford account. He later directed print and television promotion for Ford and played a key role in the launching of several new car models. Seven boxes include materials relating to the launch and promotion of new models (Escort, Maverick, Mustang, Olympic, Pinto, Thunderbird, and Torino), marketing research and strategic reports, Ford direct-mail materials and newsletters, television commercial scripts and storyboards, advertisement clippings and headlines, reproduction prints of early photographs of the Model T from the Ford Archives at the Henry Ford Museum, photostats promoting the Ford Erika, and photocopies of sheet music of Ford songs from the early twentieth century. See the finding aid for a detailed listing of the materials contained in the Ford Series. Other series in the collection contain limited pressing clippings and correspondence regarding Ford campaigns and Metter’s unpublished manuscript, substantial portions of which pertain to the Ford account.

Carroll Carroll Papers, 1934-1979 and undated
This collection contains some Ford-specific material related to Carroll Carroll, a writer for JWT radio programs. Materials include a speech given at a 1967 Ford field meeting company dinner (Box 1) and several annotated copies of sheet music for a 1962 Ford Fairlane jingle (Box 2).

Colin Dawkins Papers, 1776-1986
The papers of Colin Dawkins, who worked on the Ford account from 1953-1971 and became a Vice President of JWT in 1965, contain research files gathered for a proposed book on the history of advertising. Ford-related materials constitute a substantial part of the collection and range from memos to photos, timelines, and reports. The Client Series documents the 1957 "Around the World" campaign, international campaigns, background information on campaigns for Mustang and Maverick models, the history of JWT's relationship with Ford, presentations made to Ford, and Ford firsts in advertising (Boxes 6-10). Materials are primarily JWT-produced, but some Ford-produced materials are also included. Also of interest are sales letters used as targeted advertising in Box 2 and Ford campaign research and advertisements from the Philippines office in Box 15.

Dan Seymour Papers, 1951-1974
The papers of Dan Seymour, a top executive at JWT, contain Ford materials from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Four boxes in the Client Series relate to Ford. Organized chronologically and topically, they include meeting notes, account strategy and recommendations, and materials related to Ford advertising on radio and television shows, such as The Ford Show, Sunday Sports Spectacular, and Lucille Ball – Desi Arnaz Hour Show. Other series contain Seymour’s notes on the account and Review Board documents.

Don Johnston Papers, 1964-1996 and undated
The client files of JWT CEO and President Don Johnston have materials related to Ford from the 1973-1985. See the finding aid for a detailed listing of folders. Other relevant materials may also be found within his memoranda.

Ed George Papers, 1980s and undated
This collection is minimally processed. Ford-related materials are primarily print ads and mockups from the 1980s-1990s. Also included are vehicle proposals from the 1980s and videotapes of TV commercials from the early 1980s. Original audiovisual materials are closed to patron use. Technical Services staff may need to produce use copies before contents can be accessed. Please contact Research Services staff before coming to view these items.

Edgar Hatcher Papers, 1952-1992
Included in the papers of copywriter and creative director Edgar Hatcher, who worked for several other agencies before joining JWT in 1976, contain materials relating to Hatcher's creation of the famous "Ford has a Better Idea" campaign in 1966. Also included in the collection are videos of Ford commercials, copy for the Ford Mercury, a compilation of Ford car photos from the earliest models to the 1971 Mustang, and a folder related to marketing Ford in the Philippines (1980).

Edward G. Wilson Papers, 1906-1991, bulk 1946-1971
The Papers of Edward G. Wilson, who served as General Counsel and head of JWT’s legal department, span the 1940s through the 1950s. Ford-related materials include client files, documents related to Ford Dealer Association meetings, and legal contracts regarding terms and casting. Of particular interest are contracts and correspondence related to the Fred Allen Ford Dealers Show in the late 1940s and Ford Festival with James Melton in the early 1950s.

Frankfurt Office. Burkhard Schwarz Papers, circa 1973-1989
The Ford-related materials in the papers of this Frankfurt office executive mostly date from the 1980s. Of particular interest is a series of folders in boxes 13-14 containing internal memorandum and correspondence with Ford that document JWT’s attempts to retain the account. The collection has not yet been fully processed, so additional Ford materials may be spread throughout the materials. The majority of materials are in German but many files also contain English.

Frankfurt Office. Denis Lanigan Papers, 1958-1964
The papers of Denis Lanigan primarily document the activities of the Frankfurt office when Lanigan was Joint Manager in the early 1960s. In addition to two folders from 1963 in the Clients Series, Ford materials are spread across several series and are often intermixed with documents related to other clients. References to the account are also embedded in correspondence between Lanigan and other JWT executives. The collection contains background information on JWT's relationship with Ford in Germany and Switzerland.

Frankfurt Office. George Black Papers, 1968-1989.
The papers of advertising executive George Black primarily document his work in the Frankfurt office in the 1970s and 1980s, with Ford materials in several of the series. See the finding aid for a detailed list of folders. Highlights include international press coverage of the Ford Strike in Great Britain, an extensive memo on conflicts between Ford and JWT over proposed strategies for Europe, a 1982 speech on Ford in Europe, a 1985 document linking the German national character to automobile advertising, and an internal report on the loss of the Ford account in 1986. Approximately 60% of the collection is in English and the remainder is in German, except for small portions in Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Original advertisements have been transferred to the Frankfurt Advertisement collection, with photocopies left in the Black papers.

Frankfurt Office. Hans Ihlefeld Papers, 1952-1980, bulk 1972-1978
The papers of Hans Ihlefeld, a financial manager and director of JWT’s German-Speaking Area offices, document financial and planning aspects of the Ford account in the region. Primarily dating from the 1970s, the materials consist of correspondence, memoranda, and reports, stemming both from communications between JWT offices and with Ford as a client. Included are Ford invoices, receipts, audits, profit plans, and quarterly results. Ford-related materials are spread throughout the collection’s eight boxes, which are primarily arranged by office rather than client company. Approximately 60% of the collection is in German, and the remainder is in English, except for one very small portion in French.

Frankfurt Office. Peter Gilow Papers, 1960-1978
Consisting of correspondence, memoranda, and clippings, Peter Gilow's papers document JWT-Frankfurt’s relationship with Ford between 1962 and 1977, including the loss of the account in 1967 to a small Swiss advertising firm, media coverage of the decision, and the efforts that led to regaining the account in 1969.

Frankfurt Office. Wilfried Henkel Papers, 1957-1987, bulk 1975-1984
The papers of Wilfried Henkel, former managing director at JWT’s Frankfurt office, contain Ford materials spanning from 1970 to 1986. Approximately 70% of the collection is in German, but many of the Ford briefings and correspondence (Box 5) are in English. Materials consist of ad copy, presentations and briefings, car orders, correspondence, memoranda, reports, press clippings, and corporate strategy (T-Plan). Of particular interest are documents related to Henkel’s supervision of a corporate identity campaign and a presentation made by JWT Frankfurt to Ford in 1985 in an unsuccessful attempt to keep the Ford account.