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U.S. Federal Government Publications: Related Collections

United Nations and League of Nations

Also on the 2nd floor of Perkins Library are United Nations materials orgainized by UN sales numbers. These may be located using the library catalog.  There is also UN microfiche located in the government documents microfiche area.

Library guide on the United Nations

We also have a section of books from the League of Nations, adjacent to the UN materials. These are arranged using their own call number system.  They are also reflected in the library catalog, or you can use some of the indexes and finding aids on the shelf at the beginning of the collection.

Library guide on the League of Nations

Other IGOs and NGOs

Other Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) and Non-governmental Orgainzation (NGO) material is mixed in with the general collection.  Use the library catalog to locate these.

The library has an extensive collection of European Union publications. EU microfiche is located in the Governemnt Documents area; paper in Perkins stacks.

State and Local Publications

The bulk of the North Carolina state publications in Perkins Library are in microfiche format. These are located in cabinets in the microforms area of the government documents collection on the second floor of Perkins.  You can search for these in the library catalog.

Some NC publications (especially older ones), as well as publications from other state governments, are in Perkins' general collection and can also be searched using the library catalog.

Library guide to Resources on Durham

For "database" resources from states other than North Carolina, see the State Agency Databases Project, prepared by the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table.

Commercially Published Supporting Material

There are commercially published supporting materials (indexes, bibliographies, etc.) located in the Perkins Reference Collection on the first floor and in the general Perkins Stacks.

Consult with the Federal Documents Librarian for help in locating or using any of these, or to determine what sort of finding aid might be helpful to you.

Significant microfiche collections with statistical data are also found on the second floor of Perkins, which include some titles not availalbe elsewhere in the library or electronically. These are indexed by the ProQuest Statistical Insight database.

  • American Statistics Index (ASI): US federal publications
  • Statistical Reference Index (SRI): US state publications and non-governmental statistical publications (e.g., from trade associations)
  • Index to International Statistics (IIS): statistical publications from Intergovernmental Organizations

Foreign Government Documents

These are classed with regular call numbers and shelved in the regular Perkins collection.

Map Collection

A majority of the maps in the paper map collection are published by the U.S. federal government.  These include the many topographic map series from the US Geological Survey and general reference maps from the CIA.

We have a more complete guide to the contents of the paper map collection. The paper maps are located on Bostock Lower Level 1 (Bostock L1).