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Japanese Studies: Linguistics

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Research Dictionaries



Call Number

Duke Holdings

Gengo  言語 EAC: G329E 1992 - present
Gekkan nihongo  月刊日本語 EAC: G313N 1997 - present
Kokugo kenkyū. Inquiries into the Japanese Language  国語研究 EAC: PL501 .K748 1969 - present
Kokugo kokubun  国語国文 EAC: K79 1969-81, 1994-present
Kokugo to Kokubungaku  国語と国文学 EAC: K79T 1994 - present
Kokugogaku   国語学 EAC: K79A 1969 - 2004
Nihongogaku 日本語学 EAC: N691RT 1992 - present
Nihongo kyōiku  日本語教育 EAC: N691RI 2002 - present
Nihongo no kenkyū  日本語の研究 (formerly Kokugogaku) EAC: K79A 2005 - present