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Japanese Studies: Doing Research in Japan

Free Electronic resources for the Study of Japan

Doing Fieldwork in Japan

Doing Fieldwork in Japan
Bestor, Theodore C., Patricia G. Steinhoff and Victoria Lyon Bestor, eds.  Covers experiences in arranging introductions and affiliations, in gaining access and acceptance, in struggling with language learning and use....

Critical Asian Studies 39:4 (2007) 
Special issue on "Politics and Pitfalls of Japan Ethnography: Reflexivity, Responsibility, and Anthropological Ethics" with articles by Ann-Elise lewalle, Bridget Love, Elise Edwards, Tomomi Yamaguchi and Sabine Frühstück.

Useful Guides

  • NCC's Online Guide to Research Access to Japanese Collections and Resources.
    Provides descriptions of many research libraries in the US, Japan and Europe and their collections, as well as how to access them and what other resources (fellowships) are available.
  • Tokyo Archives and Research Trips
    by Steve Ridgely, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    This guide, done by a Japanese literature scholar, should also prove useful to scholars looking for research materials in other fields.  Is a bit dated.
  • H.D. Smith: Doing Research in Japan
    While composed in 1995, much remains the same. The advice on the value of connections and introductions and seeking advice from friends remains true. Most of what has changed is that more is available electronically and this has streamlined access

Life in Japan

Counseling and Support
A page put together by a clinical psychologist working in Tokyo at the Ikebukuro Counseling Center and Hozumi Clinic. Its a 'bi-lingual' page and its main aims are to give information on counseling, online support and mental health care available in Japan and to provide a forum where anyone experiencing emotional challenges can communicate their feelings and get support. 

Know Before you Go 
Provides information for people going to Japan, on visas, apartment-hunting, customs, mail, banking, transportation, etc. See also Japanese Manners and Etiquette.

Academic Associations in Japan

Academic Society HomeVillage
Links to many Japanese academic associations. In English and Japanese.

Asiatic Society of Japan

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien; German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo
In English, Japanese and German.  The DIJ sponsors three study groups: Humanities, Social Sciences and Business and Economics which meet monthly.