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Japanese Studies: Encyclopedias

Free Electronic resources for the Study of Japan

General Encyclopedias

Koji ruien. / 古事類苑
Call Number: EAC: AE10.J3 K62 1981
Last of the traditional Chinese-style encyclopedias. Collection of primary source materials selected from books published before 1868. Intended to preserve traditional Japanese culture, covers all phases of life in premodern Japan. Classified by subject into thirty sections.
Nihon dai hyakka zensho/ Nipponica/ 日本大百科全書 / ニッポニカ
A 30 volume Japanese language dictionary available online through JapanKnowledge.
Sekai daihyakka jiten/Heibonsha's world encyclopaedia/ 世界大百科事典
Call Number: EA Ref: : AE35.2 .S4 1988
Earlier editions of the Heibonsha encyclopedias are in the stacks under the title Dai hyakka jiten.

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

Crane Crest

Quick links to additional subject specific encyclopedias:

Art History
Political Science
Popular Culture

Historical Encyclopedias

Kokushi daijiten
国史大辞典 15 vol.
EA Ref: DS833 .K64 1979; available electronically through JapanKnowledge

Nihon shi daijiten = Cyclopedia of Japanese history
EA Ref: DS833 .N532 1992

Iwanami Nihon shi jiten
EA Ref: DS833 .I936 1999

Kadokawa shinpan Nihonshi jiten 
EAC: DS833 .K34 1996

Nihon shisōshi jiten = Dictionary of Japanese intellectual history
EA Ref: DS821 .N67926 2001
Covers Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintō, Kokugaku, historical thought, warrior thought, Western learning, scientific thought, modern thought, the arts, linguistics, and folk religion. Includes ample cross-references and citations for every entry. Index at front is by type of thought, sources and people. Index at rear is alphabetical.