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Chronology of Christian Spirituality: A.D. 1800 - A.D. 1900

A.D. 1800

(Left, a portrait of Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, c. 1841, by Théodore Chassériau, Musee du Louvre; Right, St. John Vianney)


Oxford Movement:  John Henry Newman

Victorian Piety:  Reverend Frederick William Faber

French Spirituality:  Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, St. John Marie-Baptiste Vianney, Frederick Antoine Ozanam

Revival of theology in Germany:  Matthias Joseph Scheeben

A.D. 1900

(The Apostolic Faith Mission on Azusa Street, known as the birthplace of Pentecostalism)


Declan Marmion; Teilhard de Chardin; Maurice Blondel; Henri DeLubac; Dorothy Day; Thomas Merton; Karl Rahner; Romano Guardini; William James; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Hiermonk Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia; Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla); Desmond Tutu; Henri Nouwen

Azusa Street Revival (1906 - 1909), Azusa, California

The Methodist Hymn Book is published


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Christian Spirituality:  post-reformation and modern, edited by Louis Dupre and Don E. Saliers in collaboration with John Meyendorff

Ecumenical Councils of the Church

Vatican I (1869/70)

Vatican II (1962-65)

Confessions, Creeds, and Articles of Faith

Creeds & confessions of faith in the Christian tradition, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan and Valerie Hotchkiss

The Twenty-Five Articles of Religion, from the Discipline of 1808


Christ of St. John of the Cross by Salvador Dali, 1951

Chapel of the Rosary (Vence) by Henri Matisse, 1951

Piss Christ by Andres Serrano, 1989