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Chronology of Christian Spirituality: A.D. 4 - A.D. 321

A.D. 30 - 99

(Saint Paul Writing His Epistles by Valentin de Boulogne or Nicolas Tournier)

APOSTOLIC AGE (37 - 100)

Pauline Writings

Synoptic Narratives

A.D. 100, The Early Church

(Left, Clement of Alexandria, 15- - 215; Right, Quintus Florens Tertullian, 160-220)

ANTE-NICENE (100 - 321)


Tertullian; Irenaeus of Lyon; Clement of Alexandria; Polycarp of Smyrna; Justin Martyr; Johannine Writings; Papias; Tatian

A.D. 200 - A.D. 321

(Painting of Saint Anthony, by Piero di Cosimo, ca. 1480; Mosaic of St. Perpetua, Croatia)

Felicity and Perpetua; Origen of Alexandria; Plotinus; Polycarp [martyred]; Cyprian of Carthage


St. Anthony the Great; St. Pachomius

Jesus Christ -- history of doctrines -- early church, ca. 30-600

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