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Chronology of Christian Spirituality: A.D. 325 - A.D. 794

A.D. 325 - Council of Nicaea

(Bishops of the Council of Nicea holding the Niceno Constantanopolian Creed of 381)


Basil of Caesarea; Gregory of Nyssa; Gregory of Nazianzus; John Chrysostom; Athanasius of Alexandria; Pachomius (Coptic line); Evagrius of Pontus (Alexandrian line)

A.D. 400, Council of Chalcedon (451)

(LEFT: The earliest portrait of Saint Augustine of Hippo in a 6th century fresco, Lateran, Rome; RIGHT:  St. Cyril I, 24 Patriarch of Alexandria)

A.D. 500

(Jerome and Gregory, 15th century by Antonio Vivarini; Seated Dionysos holding out a kantharos. Interior from an Attic black-figured plate, ca. 520-500 BC. From Vulci)

Benedict of Nursia, Pseudo-Dionysius, Gregory the Great (Pope Gregory I)


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Confessions, Creeds, and Articles of Faith

Creeds & confessions of faith in the Christian tradition, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan and Valerie Hotchkiss

The Creed of Nicaea, (325)

The Creed of Constantinople (The 'Nicene Creed'), (381)

The Chalcedonian Definition, (451)

Ecumenical Councils fo the Church

Council of Chalcedon

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