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International & Transnational Relations

Includes primary sources.

Country Background

If history repeats'll want to understand the political, cultural, and economic background of the countries involved before analyzing situations or proposing solutions.

Background Notes (U.S. Dept. of State)
    Use for: Brief overviews of countries and international organizations
CQ Global Researcher in CQ Press Electronic Library
  Browse by country or topic for analysis of world issues.
EIU (Economist) Reports
   Selected Country Reports and other EIU coverage may be found in Business Source Complete (6 month embargo), Political Science Complete and ProQuest
Europa World Year Book
   also Perkins Reference Desk JN1 .E85
   Use for: Basic overviews of historical, economic, social, and political background.
  Tip: Europa Publications also produces regional encyclopedias, available in Perkins Reference.
Global Insight
    See the Country Reports for economic profiles, political structure, and analysis
IMF Country Reports (International Monetary Fund)
   Use for: Reports on economic developments, with statistics
   Tip: Search by country name and select "IMF Country Reports" under Series.
International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who
    1953-present. Perkins Reference Desk JA51 .I57
    Reports on countries, territories and federal states; international and national organisations; biographical profiles of important people in the world
ISI Emerging Markets
    Use for: news and financial data on developing economies
OECD Economic Surveys (by country)
    through OECD iLibrary or search catalog (kw oecd economic surveys and [country]) for individual call numbers.
OxResearch (Oxford Analytica)
   Use for: political and economic analysis from the transition of the Cold War to the present
Political Handbook of the World
    Perkins Reference Desk JF37 .P6; also online through CQ Political Reference Suite
    Covers countries and intergovernmental organizations; including political background, economics, social movements, political parties,  current issues.
PRS  Group International Country Risk Guide
   Use for: country analysis as to risk of doing business; rankings and ratings of political risk, etc.
    Tip: Available in LexisNexis Academic; enter the title above in e-journals to limit your LexisNexis search to this source;
    or, choose the source under Research Countries.
Political Risk Yearbooks
    PRS probability forecasts for political, social and economic trends for 100 countries.
    See the Business Source Complete database for the full text of the country reports beginning with 2003.
    Also, 8 volumes by region in Perkins Reference.
Statesman's Yearbook
    Perkins Reference Desk JA51 .S7
    Statistical and historical annual of the states of the world.
    Use for: current intelligence and geopolitical analysis for businesses' and government agencies' use in strategic decision-making; daily terrorism briefs, special reports, and podcasts. Be sure to explore the reports under the Analysis tab.