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International & Transnational Relations

Includes primary sources.

Guides to Data and Finding Data

Finding Statistics (Michigan State Libraries): excellent overview outlining strategies for locating datasets and statistical facts.

Data and Statistics Research Guides (Michigan State Libraries): collection of datasets organized by academic field.  Many are only available to MSU students, but search our site to see if we do as well.

Data and Visualization Services: searchable interface of datasets, many available only to Duke students.

Data Sources

Quality of Government Institute - Data
The QoG Institute has compiled much of the publicly available data available at a global level and distribute free of charge both cross-sectional and time series data that have been cleaned and standardized.  This is a must investigate resource for international and comparative research.  See their data page for more information.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (St. Louis Federal Reserve)
Collection of US and some international, comparative economic data.  Very detailed macro data for the US, a must visit site for US data need

EIU Country Data via ProQuest

EIU Country Finance & Forecast Reports via ProQuest provides access to country-focused financial conditions, techniques & regulations; as well as 5-year economic and business forecasts produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Global Development Finance see World Bank data
Current and historical debt and financial flow statistics for countries, regions, and income groups.

IMF e-library
Including International Financial Statistics

EMIS (formerly ISI Emerging Markets)
Includes macroeconomic indicators, rankings, and ratings

ProQuest Statistical Insight (aka LexisNexis Statistical)
Identifies sources of statistics down to the table headings. Some full text; the rest are available in the ASI, IIS and SRI microfiche in Public Documents.

OECD iLibrary
This database has a statistics section as well as all the print OECD publications including OECD Economic Surveys.

International Country Risk Guide
Probability forecasts for political, social and economic trends for 100 countries. See the Business Source Complete database for the full text of the country reports beginning with 2003. Also, 8 volumes by region in Perkins Reference.
The PRS website outlines the methodology used.  Recent data can be downloaded from the Data and Visualization Services department.

Polling the Nations
Polling questions and results from international sources. Maximum of 4 simultaneous users, so PLEASE USE LOGOUT BUTTON WHEN DONE.

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)
    Includes links to government documents like the US State Department's annual report on arms exports. See also the SIPRI data on military expenditures.

UN Data
Time series from national data sources, UN agencies, and other IGOs.

World Bank data
Now free, including World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, Africa Development Indicators, and more.
See also the new World Bank repository. 

World Development Indicators see World Bank data
Social and economic indicators from hundreds of countries. Many series go back to 1971.

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
From Carleton University, Canada. Political, economic, social and cultural indicators compiled from open sources, including IGOs. Includes data mapping, risk assessments, and country rankings.