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International & Transnational Relations

Includes primary sources.


The members of intergovernmental organizations are countries that work together to further common interests.

IGO Collection and Guides

    From Christof Galli, Intl. & Area  Studies, Perkins Library
    See also the Encyclopedia of Associations via the Gale Directory Library database, and Yearbook of International Organizations.
Access UN
    Use for: Identifying United Nations legislative documents
    Tips: If they are not full-text, take the citation to the Public Documents department to locate the documents.
Duke Law Libraries Research Guides
    See especially European Union, GATT/WTO, International Law, NAFTA, Treaties, United Nations, and International Criminal Law.
    Use for: Portal to European Union law: the Official Journal, treaties, case law, preparatory documents, and Parliamentary questions
    Tips: For other European documents, see also the Council of Europe's site below.
European Treaty Series and European Court of Human Rights
    From the Council of Europe.
European Union Institute for Security Studies
    This think tank/autonomous agency of the EU provides its Chaillot Papers, Occasional Papers, and Newsletter free online.
JOLIS (World Bank-IMF library catalog)
    Use for: identifying books, journals, articles, working papers, conference proceedings, technical reports, videos etc.
    Tip: Search the Duke Libraries catalog and Google Scholar to find the full text.
North American Free Trade Agreement
    Use for: documents from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and other useful links about trade.
OECD Observer
    Perkins Periodicals O11O (letter O's)
    Also available through the Duke Libraries database SourceOECD.
Official Documents of the United Nations
    Full text parliamentary documents and administrative issuances of the UN
UN Chronicle
    Online 1997-present. 1975-present in Perkins Periodicals, earlier in Docs UN stacks CHRONICLE*/

World Bank resources
Data (The World Bank)
Global Development Finance
World Bank eLibrary
World Development Indicators
World Bank e-Atlas of Global Development

See also the new World Bank repository at For now, we will also maintain a direct link to World Bank Data Catalog, which includes World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance.
Yearbook of International Organizations

US Government

Compilation of Presidential Documents
1992-present online through FDSys.
1965 - 2000 Docs Stacks GS4.114 and AE 2.109:
Use for: presidential addresses, communications, interviews, proclamations and nominations, and meetings with foreign dignitaries.
Tips: Browse the Daily Compilation by date, or Search FDSys with the Advanced Search.
Also compiled in Public Papers of the Presidents, below.
ProQuest Congressional
Use for: U.S. legislation and related documents, including CRS Reports
Tips: Members section has biographical, financial, and voting records of Senators and Representatives.
National Security Archive
Declassified documents involving U.S. foreign and military policy since 1945.
Foreign Relations of the United States 
Perkins Ref. US   S1.1: [year]   Partially online.
Also available in the HeinOnline database
Declassified US State Dept. documents covering 1861 to thirty years ago. Wonderful source for diplomatic exchanges, statements, speeches, etc.
Public Papers of the Presidents
Online from 1991(Clinton).
Perkins Ref US AE 2.114: (1984-present) and GS 4.113: (1929-1983)
Also available in the HeinOnline database; search the US Presidential Library section.
USAID (United States Agency for International Development)
Tip: search the catalog and the Marcive database for older publications from this agency.
U.S. Congressional Serial Set (Readex) or in ProQuest Congressional
Use for: reports, documents, and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; 1817-1980 currently available.
Tip: The print Serial Set is available in Perkins' Public Documents collection.


Other Governments

Foreign Governments
From the International Documents Task Force of the American Library Association.

International and Area Studies
Perkins Library has librarians who specialize in regions of the world. See their research guides, linked here.