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Researching Epidemics in the Rubenstein Library: General Resources

An introduction to resources related to epidemics, pandemics, and infectious disease.

Online Resources

Below you'll find a selection of online resources for researching the history of epidemics. These resources provide access to digitized primary sources - including full-text books, images, and archival material - from beyond Duke that may be helpful as you research the diseases featured in this guide as well as other diseases (like typhoid fever and syphilis) that are not included. These resources can also be used to research more general subjects like vaccination and historic quarantines.

Please note that this is a starting place for locating online material and you may find other helpful resources elsewhere.

Newspapers and Periodicals

Newspapers and other periodicals can be an excellent resource for understanding epidemics on both a national and more local level. Here are a few resources for locating online newspapers.