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Depositing to the DukeSpace Repository

A guide to sharing scholarly works and student theses and dissertations openly at Duke University.

Undergraduate Theses Overview

Undergraduate students Graduating with Distinction (GwD) have an option to submit their completed theses to DukeSpace. Approval from program administrators and advisor is required. Not all departments participate or allow their GwD students to submit theses. Interested students should view their program’s requirements and speak with their advisor for more information. 


Considerations for Deposit

Depositing finished work is optional for students GwD. Once deposited, however, work may only be withdrawn or updated under exceptional circumstances. Before you choose to archive your undergraduate thesis in DukeSpace, please consider:

  • How freely sharing your work will impact future work of your PI, advisor, and/or involved graduate students.
  • Your level of comfort with sharing work done during your undergraduate years as you move into your professional career or pursue a graduate degree.
  • Ensuring copy editing is as comprehensive as possible; documents will not be updated or removed if typos are found after submission.
  • If you are prepared to make your paper openly available to anyone on the internet as a permanent part of the scholarly record.


Information for program/department administrators

When you have identified students who meet the criteria to submit their thesis to DukeSpace, please fill out this brief form.

Submitting students' names via the form will:

  1. Grant students elevated borrowing privileges from the library
  2. Notify DukeSpace administrators of eligible students who need to be given access to deposit their completed thesis

This form should be filled out as soon as students have been identified—ideally no later than the beginning of students' final semester. It is not necessary to wait until students have confirmed their intention to deposit before submitting a list of names. It is recommended that students who intend to deposit do so prior to graduation; however, once permission is granted, they retain the right to deposit as long as their NetID is active, which is one year post-graduation. Questions about this process can be sent to


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