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Depositing to the DukeSpace Repository

A guide to sharing scholarly works and student theses and dissertations openly at Duke University.

Master's Projects Overview

DukeSpace accepts approved student-submitted deposits of graduate capstone/master's projects from several different schools and/or degree programs at Duke.

Criteria for deposit are set at the program-level, but it is necessary for program administrators to submit a list of approved students to repository staff during students' final semester. If a student's name is not on the list submitted by their department, then they will not have the necessary permission to deposit their completed projects to DukeSpace.

If you are unable to submit your work, please contact your program administrator (see program links below).  

Tips and step-by-step instructions for depositing your master's project can be found on this page of the guide.

Participating Programs

The following schools and programs actively contribute master's projects to DukeSpace. Current students interested in depositing should contact their advisor or program administrator for additional information.

For Program Administrators

Some programs mandate deposit of master's projects and others require projects to meet certain standards in order to qualify for deposit. Select programs leave the choice entirely to the student.

In every case, program administrators will need to share a list of students who should be granted permission to deposit their work to DukeSpace. This list should be submitted early in the students' final semester. It is recommended that students who intend to deposit do so prior to graduation; however, once permission is granted, they retain the right to deposit as long as their NetID is active, which is one year post-graduation. 

Instructions for Submitting Student Names

  • Create a spreadsheet with the following columns 
    • First name
    • Last name
    • NetID
  • Save the spreadsheet as a CSV
  • Email to


Administrators may specify a time period for depositing theses when sending student names. If a time period is specified, students will only be able to deposit during that time.  

Note: For collaborative projects, one student will need to be designated as the student who submits the project. They will add their coauthors' names at the time of submission.