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Food Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Why, What and How We Eat: Getting Started

Link Between School Lunches and Healthy Kids

Lessons from the Lunchroom: What Do We Know About School Lunch and Kids’ Diet?

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released a report on Wednesday, February 25, examining the potential for a National School Lunch Program to improve children’s health. 

More information here and click the pdf to read the report:


Welcome to the Duke University Libraries' research guide to Food Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Why, What, and How We Eat

This guide offers a selection of resources about the emerging world of food studies.  This "Getting Started" page contains resources relevant to events and readings for this course.

Discipline-specific resources can be found via the tabs at the top of the page.

This guide is a work in progress; if you have any comments, suggestions, or requests about resources to add, please contact me!

Suggested Readings

Addiitional Resources

  • Durham County Library’s Digging Durham Seed Library provides a repository for seeds and training for its patrons. Opens for the spring season on March 4.
  • Carolina Cooks, Carolina Eats
    Website explores the history and politics of food in five regions of NC; themes include: southern history and culture, environmentalism and sustainability, public health and nutrition, plus more.
  • Two interviews by economist Russ Roberts on his EconTalk podcast:
    • Daniel Sumner: Agricultural Economist at UC Davis on the winners and losers from the new Farm Bill, and subsidies in US ag more broadly.
    • Greg Page: Chairman & former CEO of Cargill, on global food markets, the role of price signals, and GMOs.

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