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History of Pediatrics: Diet

This guide is an overview of the Rubenstein Library's collections documenting the rich history of pediatrics.

Searching the catalog

These links are sample searches in the Duke Libraries catalog based on library subject headings related to the history of pediatrics and infant nutrition. To focus on historical sources, you can limit by location to "Rubenstein Library".

Print Material

This book was written by “the American father of pediatrics”, and revised, enlarged, and adapted by Mary Putnam Jacobi, herself a revered and accomplished physician.

This book consists of twelve lectures, including about the feeding and diet of infants.

Rotch also published Pediatrics: The Hygienic and Medical Treatment of Children in 1895, which included a large amount of text to infant feeding, including complex equations to produced an infant formula.

Manuscript Collections

The Evaporated Milk Association, organized by manufacturers in 1923, issued free publications promoting the use of evaporated milk throughout the United States. The materials include both pamphlets and booklets covering a wide range of themes -- all relating to evaporated milk and targeting potential consumers. Topics include: studies and articles promoting infant feeding using evaporated milk; plays and activities for children centering on the emergency delivery of evaporated milk rations (among other supplies) to isolated areas; cost breakdowns of evaporated milk versus fresh milk, aimed at budget-conscious families; and reprints of medical or scientific journal articles discussing evaporated milk's consumption in impoverished or malnourished communities, or by populations with various diseases.

Digitized Content

Birthday Greetings from Four Lactated Food Babies

Four images of infants and toddlers, all with rosy cheeks, with gold filigree frames around them. The text reads "Birthday Greetings from the Lactated Food Babies".