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History of Pediatrics: Getting Started

This guide is an overview of the Rubenstein Library's collections documenting the rich history of pediatrics.

Primary Sources Online

Duke University affiliates can access these subscription databases with a variety of primary sources documenting the history of science in medicine with a focus on the United States. Consult with a librarian to locate materials within these resources with a focus on pediatrics.

Search for journal articles on the role of scientific discovery in society and culture

Search for images related to the history of pediatrics from the Duke Medical Center Library

Search primary sources related to the history of medicine in America.


This guide is an overview of the Rubenstein Library's collections documenting the history of pediatrics. While most of the material is held by the Rubenstein Library, this guide also includes primary sources from other Duke libraries as well as online resources from other institutions.

Resources represented in this guide include archival collections and printed material, like books and journals, that may be useful in your research. The guide is organized around major topics within the history of pediatrics and were also chosen based on what is available at the Rubenstein Library. Use the tabs to navigate to each section of the guide.

Many of these resources are available online, but others are not and can only be accessed in the Rubenstein Library's reading room. This is the case for most of the archival collections listed in this guide.

To get an overview of the History of Medicine Collections, please visit the Subject Guide Overview.

Please note: This is not a complete list of all resources related to pediatrics in the Rubenstein Library. This guide is intended to provide a sample of the types of resources available for research. We also have material related to pediatrics not included in this guide. This is just a starting place and there is more to discover! Use the search tips included in this guide or ask a librarian for help!


Digitized Content

Visit with the Doctor.

Black and white image of children lined up to visit with a doctor. The doctor is wearing a suit and looking into one child's ear. The text below reads, "Children place an instinctive trust in a doctor's ability."